Monday , October 18 2021

The new initiatives like Corfo want to support sustainable SMEs


Certifying B Companies and strengthening ties with German companies to explore new green companies are the new guides Corfo just launched.

"Through Focal, we want to provide an economic incentive for the implementation and certification of Empresas B, which is characterized by the introduction of a sustainable business model that has a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental," said Deputy CEO of the company, Sebastian Sichel.

This line co-finances the costs of consulting and / or technical assistance to meet the requirements required by the certification, co-finance the audits and obtain the certificate. It should be noted that in Latin America there are about 450 certified companies, and Chile is the country with the largest number in the region.

The benefits and opportunities for company B consider Incorporation of good practices in a continuous improvement, dissemination and positioning process, exchange activities, lifelong learning and talent attraction, among other things.

The second instrument, called Fit for Partnership, opens for the first time a series aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that create green companies. The conversation offers Chilean businessmen who focus on areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy, ecodesign, which are part of a four-week intensive work program in Germany. The idea is to explore the market and start a viable business relationship with companies in that country.

In parallel, this instrument will be open to small and medium sized companies from various sectors such as agribusiness, fisheries and aquaculture, mining, health, information technology, creative industry, manufacturing, logistics. This program is promoted by the finance ministries in Germany and Chile, under the auspices of Corfo and GIZ.

Applications for this instrument will be open until January 31, while Focal is available through an open window.

New "Footprint" application

At the moment, the Sichel Huella program announced a new initiative that will utilize the method developed by Start Up Chile, so that through a complete process of accompaniment and financial support, Entrepreneurs can refine their value propositions and accelerate the development of their projects.

"Today, there are great ethical challenges we face as a society. That's why it does not matter how to achieve development or how we manage resources from all Chileans. With this initiative from Corfo, we want to leave our brand marked to be positive affecting the country through support of successful projects as added value and turning entrepreneurs and innovators into the engine in our economy, Sichel added.

In detail, the entrepreneurs chosen by this initiative will support their company's acceleration with the Start-Up Chile method, that is, with mentoring, mentoring, education, networking; in addition to a total contribution of $ 50 million (divided into two steps) and the opportunity to work in co-operation areas (cowork).

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