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The report condemns that Sebastián Piñera achieved a concessioned 800 m2 beach on Lake Caburgua

Undoubtedly, the incident that led the Gasco President, Matías Pérez Cruz, who expelled three women from the shores of Lake Ranco, claiming it was "his garden", has become one of the most controversial news last week . .

The Ministry of National Assets, Felipe Ward (UDI), finally took a stand on the matter by ensuring that the place where the victims were was a beach, that is, a room for public use, and sometimes also stressed that in Chile there are no private beaches.

However, there are mechanisms so private – without productive purposes – can done a kind of "private beach" through a maritime concession, and as published DynamoEven President Sebastián Piñera did it himself.

According to the publication, the president has more than available 800 square meters beach in Lake Caburgua, La Araucanía Region, And to achieve this, he made a procedure that started and included important steps during his first government.

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The request for maritime concession was submitted by Sebastián Piñera Echenique even before the municipality of Pucón on April 19, 2011, and in the document he stated that his purpose was "Give nautical support to a property through regulation". In addition, it included some "fiscal improvements" such as two ramps, a hangar, a tennis court, a wall, access to the beach, the pavement, the terrace, a plate (with barbecue) and walls with a validity of 10 years ".

The application states that the applicant has the initiative to "regulate existing facilities" because of that had occupied the room "illegally" since 2001, although according to a technical report The first constructions would have been installed irregularly already in 1990.

Among the authorities that studied the application are Captain in Puerto Villarrica, maritime authority that elaborated two technical reports that approved the request, and it was the Danish Maritime Authority and the Directorate for Maritime Affairs and the Aquatic Environment (Dirinmar).

This was done under the coordination of Maritime Maritime Affairs, which is dependent on the Ministry of National Defense, which at that time was led by the current Senator RN Andrés Allamand.

The foregoing, added to the SII's rating, allowed the agent's request to be approved. Nevertheless, several years and only in June 2017, already in Michelle Bachelet's second government, the supreme decree was issued to the maritime concession in a sector of the beach in the municipality of Pucón.

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