Sunday , January 17 2021

The risky experience of Máximo Menem flies with Cristian de la Fuente

From "brave" they cataloged Máimo Menem Bolocco into social networks after sharing photos of his experience with Cristián de la Fuente, a pilot of the FACh specialized in the Halcones stunt fight.

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"Best experience with @iamdelafuente was amazing! Crack!", the teen wrote in his Instagram account along with a publication of photographs and videos of his experience on the air.

The records did not go unnoticed for the followers of Cecilia Bolocco's son, and received more than 4 thousand "likes" and dozens of messages from his followers.

"How brave"; "Sensational"; "What a sweet Max! You chose very good company"; "How amazing that picture!", were some of the comments he received.

It should be noted that the young man has been completely recovered from the surgery he was subjected to on November 16 to extract a brain tumor.

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