Friday , January 22 2021

The shocking case of abuse and murder that left Rumpy ice cream

In the last 22 years, many cases are marked Roborto Artiagoitia, the famous "Rumpy". The advertiser is already cured of horror before the stories he listens to every day in "Sentimental Chacotero".

However There was a new call that left him frozen from head to toe. He then told him during his visit to the program "On set with Fernando "powered by Fernando González on radio Bío Bío.

"On the second day he called a guy on a beach in the south. I can't remember now, but like Dichato, one of them. He wanted to go to the toilet, pee and climb a small hill, well the Chilean, to pee in a small tree. & # 39; And suddenly a madman dies with laughter, & # 39; he tells me. "And I went up and saw a girl who had been abused", he revealed at the beginning depending on what was collected Glamorama.

And on it, it "Rumpy" He added that "the madman was a former Chilean sea, one of them trained for war. And he begins to tell that he had a formation, the blah, blah, blah." And when I find the girl, she "it was with the red vest! The red shirt & # 39; & # 39 ;.


"And he went like a murderous soldier and tells me," there are ways to look, and I don't know what and I saw him in a boat. "He goes underwater and was with other friends. Underwater, put it in the water, drown it and kill it, without justice, without passing through courts, without pacos, without anything. He said, "he mistreated the little girl I saw. I looked it down. "Therefore, he was arrested by his own hand, he was drowned, he killed him," he said before the radio interference's impact.

According to the testimony of "Rumpy" is the case "The news appeared two days later," he drowned, for he seems to be with a tuft, he dropped out of the boat, friends said "we were in a boat and he fell". And no one knew that this guy had killed the alleged abuser of that girl. "

"I was inside, I found out that this was the last straw. That is, if I think you did such a thing, I go and kill you? That's what I told him in the air, live and for all of Chile, I'm already tall, I'm ready for everything … But wow, I said "can you kill a guy?" "But how did nobody see you?" No, because I have tactics, I sit next to some boats, I drowned it and then tied it up. He tied the guy under the water. What happens? "He ended.

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