Thursday , January 21 2021

The Sony Xperia XZ4 front screen will appear that will confirm your screen with the 21: 9 aspect

It seems that in 2019 there will be important changes to Sony's Japanese smartphones, changes that we all expected to use.

In early December, some do who apparently showed us the front of the next Sony Xperia XZ4. In them we saw squares of a size much smaller than the Japanese offer today, in addition to appreciating a screen that is higher than normal.

But today they have performed real photos showing us the front protector of a device believed to belong to the Sony Xperia Xperia XZ4 by the great similarity they have do filtered at the beginning of the month.

If these patrons really are true, we could confirm the appearance of the screen that would reach the 21: 9 format, the highest seen in a smartphone so far. It also confirms the reduction in the equipment's surface, something many have been waiting for.

In the frontal protector we can see in the upper part the holes where the headphone would go, sensors, front camera and a small hole, where an LED for messages would probably go. But it's not all valued readers, as pictures have also emerged that show us the back of the team.

There we can see the case that would be compatible with this team. But we also appreciate three rear cameras, double LED flash, while on the page we see spaces for the volume keys, the fingerprint reader, the key and the key of the camera. At the bottom of the page we see loudspeaker, USB Type-C connector and main microphone.

Currently, it is all the information handled by this smartphone that Sony would prepare. It is believed that it could be presented during the Mobile World Congress, which is held as usual in Barcelona at the end of February.

With information from GSMArena

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