Sunday , January 24 2021

The story of Karla Constant about René's death: "He was my friend, he lives in my heart" | TV and show

The journalist Men's Constant was one of the assistants to wake up and burial director René O & # 39; Ryan, who died of cancer of the esophagus. Both shared screens in the program Dream XL, of channel 13.

Outside the church in Vitacura, and visibly touched, the panelist Very taste She indicated that she called O & # 39; Ryan several times during Christmas, but the man did not answer her, leaving her completely nervous.

In his statements repeated by Glamorama, Constant said the former man looked good days before his death.

"For me it has been very difficult, because what scares me the most is that he was very good.
We celebrated his birthday. He made a great party with his family, with friends we celebrated, we had an incredible time, and now this … They say you have stages when someone dies and I think I'm in anger and denial, "he said.

Channel 13
Channel 13

Finally, the communicator indicated that it was an instructor's sister who told her that her health had deteriorated days before December 25.

"I can't accept it because he was my friend. He lives in my heart for me. My friend, my brother of the soul and I don't know how to say goodbye, "he said.

To that he added: "I really have a super live image of him. Yesterday I saw WhasApp of our last talks and sounds, which of course I will not delete them, because to me they are a memory and I will remember it , as he was, a fighter, a super cheerful person. "

It should be noted that René O & # 39; Ryan's funeral after family request was private, so only family and friends could enter.

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