Wednesday , January 27 2021

The UDI asks the ethical commission "maximum sanction" for Boric

The first political controversy of 2019, as the protagonist, is deputy Gabriel Boric (MA).

A video released Monday by former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast through Twitter showed that the autonomous deputy posed with a shirt with the image of late Seni Senator Jaime Guzmán with two bullets in his forehead, creating a wave of criticism.

Along with apology, Boric explained the same day on the same social network that he received the surprise t-shirt during an interview, made in mid-2017. "It was quite surprising and therefore my response was not sufficient because I appreciated having rejected He added that "as I said before, I condemn her murder without shades".

Meanwhile, to be heard about this means that the parliamentarian added that "I assume the error and sincerely apologize to those who have legally offended."

His public explanations were not enough for UDI's caucus deputies, who today agreed to request an opinion from the lower house ethics commission and demanded that the body use "maximum sanction" – up to 15% of diet and censorship by writing – against the student ex-manager.

In the text – to which La Tercera had access – the UDI MEPs confirm that "we are facing a clear demonstration that Deputy Boric, with regard to this cruel murder and its perpetrators, has an accomplice admiration that clearly subscribes to and celebrates this crime took place in a democracy, and he denies it with overt and unacceptable political cynicism. "The Deputies accuse the described image of showing" in a clear way in its facial expression a Machiavellian satisfaction that understands its approval for this publicity dominance ".

"We demand that Boric, at least once in his political performance, assume a male attitude and declare what he thinks of Guzman's crime", reads another paragraph of the claim, where unionistkaucus also questions the reliability of FA & # 39; the legislator points out that "his actions do not coincide with his last statements, which allow us to believe that his words have as much value as the Venezuelan currency. We demand consistency, crew and sincerity for public opinion and courage. this instance ".

The UDI quotes as a precedent to consider the meeting that Boric and his couple Maite Orsini (RD) held in early September with one of them convicted of Guzmán's death, Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who is a refugee. of justice and asylum in France.

This meeting was also the reason for UDI's complaint to ethical committees, where the approval of the appeal from the professional causus was approved in November, but the fund has not yet been analyzed. According to Commissioners, the case has not been analyzed pending the review of the written complaints from the accused deputies, but it could be dealt with on Thursday, as the occurrence will meet at 10.00. 9.30 in Valparaíso. In addition, the same sources explained that the decision on this case should be fixed in the first half of January.

Controversy of origin

Just over 13 minutes, the conversation lasts that Boric held in June 2017 for a cycle of interviews called "The Disk", where a driver deals with various public figures "the main and influential slices of their lives" according to their exhibitions. creators in a YouTube channel.

At the end of the program, it is noted that the driver, "Juaniya", gives the Boric shirt created in 2016 by the shop "Del Mal" located in Persa Bío Bío. The creator of the image released last June's Boric screen with his shirt in his hands and also announced other of his creations: shirts with content similar to Guzman, but with photos of Lucía Hiriart and José Antonio Kast.

The latter was in any case also the main character in April 2018 of an episode with a shirt. In the presentation of his movement, Republican action was photographed with a supporter carrying a t-shirt with allusions to the chariot helicopter.

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