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the unpleasant tweet for renewed face by Antonella Ríos Glamorama

Author: Euipo Glamorama / February 6, 2019

For Antonella Ríos, it was a long process that cost her to restore her confidence.

"Find my best version. Also within this version I accept internally as I am, love me and I don't care what they say. Or if I don't stop too long and I don't have time," he said a few days ago.

Along with the inner process, the 44-year-old actress was concerned about the aesthetic part. He lost 20 kilos, removed Bichat bags from his face and polished his teeth.

This week it turned out this week in Pasapalabra -IRE HERE VIDEO. But many tweeters, instead of focusing on how amazing they are, commented on jokes or criticisms on their new looks.

This was part of the wave of social networking comments:

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