Monday , March 1 2021

The unusual apology of Tito Tapia for the punishment who left Colo Colo without Esteban Paredes until 2019

By the end of the year, Colo Colo has been scary, in addition to hanging on a thread, its classification to Copa Sudamericana, confirmed the discipline of the ANFP punishment for delays, which meant that Esteban Paredes would be interrupted and losing the remainder of the national tournament.

And after thatThe team was back late in his last match against Palestino, Hector Tapia was interrupted, so it will not be in the bank before Huachipato, except add a new yellow against the captain and score, with which it will not be able to be before the concept's perception by accumulating cards.

Given this situation, Albu's coach, who will leave the club after the end of the championship, will give a special explanation for why the team's constant postponement.

"I was in court for a quote that the team is late on the match day with Palestino, explain why it occurs and fulfill the conversation. The monumental has a physical theme, the tunnel is quite tall, unlike other stadiums that if you lose a little care then to happen to you late, "
He pointed to the press.

However, the arguments for Tapia were not considered by Disciplines, for which DT held it. "Now you have to follow what has been established and I say it again, In the monumental you slow down and how long the tunnel is, counting the bill. I gave my version and now it is up to them to decide, but they understand the theme of the monumental. "

But after all, Tapia pointed out that the squad is "strong" to overcome the 10-game winless stretch and noted that "our goal is to win these two matches and leave the team qualified for Copa Sudamericana."

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