Monday , November 23 2020

The water war in Petorca: Mayor and farmers face by disassembly of pipes

The defendant agricultural association El Peñón de Zapallar, supported by the farmers in Petorca (Agropetorca), attacked everything against the mayor Gustavo Valdenegro. However, it is not the first time that the company belonging to Daniel Bosch has been targeted at irregularities in the use of water in this emblematic area due to its water crisis situation, as evidenced by an INDH report.

With tractor, the mayor of Petorca Gustavo Valdenegro led a procedure for dismantling some pipes discovered in the sector Hierro Viejo, which was installed by the agricultural association El Peñón de Zapallar, in order to comply with the condemnation – to divert the natural course of the river.

The building manager made sure that a fine was imposed on the company in addition to a complaint to the Directorate-General for Water. He also noted that they are studying the lawsuits that could be followed in this case. "Water is a human right and we must protect it," he claimed.

But the businessman Daniel Bosch, the owner of the company, who was accused of stealing water, went out against the mayor and announced that he would study lawsuits against the municipality to break the pipeline he claims was on private land. In addition, he argued that "they have not charged me for having pipes. It is a wild lie, this is the first time I put one."

Bosch was supported by Alfonso Rios, president of the farmers of Petorca (Agropetorca), who issued a hard statement accusing a "medieval, arbitrary" maneuvering and abuse of power by the mayor "accompanied by professional activists working in an environmental science group of extreme left called Modatima ".

With environmental record

Despite the above-mentioned discharges, it is not the first time that the agricultural association El Penon de Zapallar is targeting irregularities in the use of water in this emblematic area due to the water crisis.

In the report of the International Institute for Human Rights (INDH) issued at the end of 2018, it is noted that society and the authorities interviewed condemned that this company inadequately granted seven hectares of land, and moreover, the aim is to exploit the river Petorca, a question as INDH ratifies given that "it might notice that machines existed working in the clearing of the earth".

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