Monday , January 18 2021

There is always football in England: Premier matches to be played on January 1 | football

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Premier League

The end of the year the parties lived all over the world and the eyes are mainly located on the festivities, either alone or accompanied.

Of course, being honest and beyond the cravings and greetings, these days present a small challenge to those who follow football regularly: the break that is recorded in the vast majority of professional leagues in the world, which means abstinence from the most popular sport .

But there is always a country that is "willing to cheer" on the first day of the year. It's about Englandif tournaments are in play and presents some games to make the day more enjoyable.

That way, the English Premier League programmed three matches to the day of this Tuesday. Firstly, Everton receives Leicester from 10 am 09:30 of our country (the television of ESPN) while on 12:00 hours will be played one of the traditional duels in London when Arsenal hosts Fulham (by DirecTV). Finally, the first day includes the fight between Cardiff and Tottenham (2:30 pm, ESPN).

As a supplement to some of the Chilean fans, it Leeds by Marcelo Bielsa want to visit Nottingham Forest of the English second division, from 12:00 hours (ESPN).

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