Wednesday , December 2 2020

"There were no good gifts, but I had the Colo Colo shirt, the main one"

The wizard reminded him that as a child he did not lack knitwear of his love and a football. With that I was happy. He also joked with gifts for Zaldivia and Baeza.

Jorge Valdivia He left a special message on Colo Colo's official channel. "Christmas, I think, makes the family come together, lets some of the problems often suffer. It is to see the joy of the children, to believe in the little old boy of the past. It's a very beautiful date that we enjoy when we have young children, "El Mago said.

What he does, he said "The 24 in the house is a day that everyone gets crazy on the streets, want to get there quickly. I'm trying to stay with me and wait for dinner and the old hooligan."

Moreover, this character pronounced barbon and red that "it is a tradition. When I was a kid, I should also try to see the old hooligan, try to talk to him. When I saw it. From off I really saw it. I said, the old hooligan! "

On his most beautiful Christmas, he said so "All. Even though we didn't … The old raccoon didn't bring good gifts, he brought me the most important: a Colo Colo shirt and a football".

Finally, he played with gifts for his companions. "To Baeza? Some good proteins And to Mati (Zaldivia), gel"he concluded.

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