Tuesday , January 26 2021

these are the candidates for Viña Kings for TVN and are members of "Rojo"

A few days before the start of the Viña festival in this 2019 version, one of the persistent problems was the choice of King and Queen.

And the little interest generated in this problem is due to the fact that Canal 13, Chilevisión and Mega have excluded sending a candidate while TVN assessed it, according to Page 7.

Finally, on Monday in the "Red on vacation" program, Rodrigo Díaz and Maura Rivera learned about their applicants who would be Chantal Gayoso and Hernán Arcil.

"We realized it was a big responsibility. Of course, we will always take her to the artistic side," said the dancer, while Chantal Gayoso assured them that they will be "as authentic as possible".

In view of this news, viewers did not take it very well primarily because of the presence of Chantal Gayoso. Users manifested themselves through Twitter and said that "the majority of the public does not like Chantal" and asked that the candidate be Geraldine Muñoz.

Here you can see some of the critical reactions.

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