Wednesday , November 25 2020

These will be all the DLC that Trials Rising will receive after the launch

Ubisoft left us today with the announcement of the date when Assassin's Creed III Remastered will arrive, and now it has also wanted to offer a number of news related to Trials Rising. In particular, the team responsible for this new series of the series has revealed, which will be all content you want to receive in the post-launch after February 26th.

As the months pass new features and surprises go by. Free updates and other payment DLCwhich will also be available through a season ticket that you can access more than 55 tracks brand new

The new levels that will arrive throughout 2019 will do so the six-sixties and crashes and sunburn extensions. With them, we will travel on the roads in the United States and the Southern Hemisphere, with multiple contracts, personalization of objects and new motorcycles, respectively, to fly dozens of challenging levels.

Toso this will be added two fitting packages with more costumes, seasons Increasing competition in multiplayer mode with different divisions, and in each of them, several new features will be included with objects, tracks, motorcycles and more.

To complete the move, in the coming months scenario editorwhich is the same tool that the development team uses to create the levels and where you can choose from more than 8,000 objects and share the results with the other players in the world, so we will try to increase for this year and next year.

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