Saturday , January 16 2021

They discover two cases of measles imported to Biobio

one mother Venezuelan woman of 32 years and her the lake 6 months, residents of the province of Concepcion, are the first two cases of imported measles which is registered in the Biobío region, reported Seremi de Salud.

these two patients they participate 7 more cases of the disease in the metropolitan region. All correspond to the same outbreak imported on board a bus that arrived at Santiago from Arica in mid-November.

The woman was exhausted to her home, not to present seriousness while the child was admitted to the hospital. Regional Hospital of Concepción, reported Radio Bío Bío.

In addition, the health authority has used a blockade seven other people There was contact with the mother and her son to confirm or rule out an infection.

How to prevent this disease?

The disease is prevented by vaccination. In Chile, the vaccine is part of the compulsory vaccination schedule and is administered after 12 months and in 1st grade.

Since 1992, periodic vaccination campaigns (every 5 years) have been conducted to enhance the immunity of children.

What is the situation of Measles in Chile?

In Chile, this disease was eliminated more than 20 years ago, thanks to the incorporation of the vaccine into the national immunization program. The epidemic outbreak that we have had since then is due to access to travelers who have contracted the disease in other countries.

Why have we had measles in our country?

Outbreaks of measles are created by people who have their incomplete vaccination regime and travel to countries where the virus circulates and are therefore more susceptible to raising the disease.

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