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They promote the summer with the dedication of "Solmáforo"

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– 6:58 – 12/12/2018

As part of the secure summer plan and within the framework of the launch of the summer season 2019, the municipality of La Serena and McDonald's introduced the first "Solmaforo" in the city.

The equipment resembles a traffic light providing clear and didactic information on radiation levels, from extreme to low and in this way informs vacationers about the necessary measures to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

"Solmáforo", located in the Cuatro Esquinas with Avenida del Mar, was provided by McDonalds to La Serena Municipality to inform the families of the fourth region and the tourists visiting La Serena's beaches about the effects of ultraviolet rays and recommended times for the sun exposure.

In addition, McDonalds announced that in the months of January and February will deliver a total of two thousand safety bracelets They will contain information about the children that will enable them to be identified quickly and to inform their family if they are lost. The elongation of the bracelets will be made in the largest beaches of La Serena and McDonald's restaurants in the city. It is important to emphasize that according to the figures of Carabineros every summer, about 420 children are lost in the country's beaches and this is an effective way to reduce the index.

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