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This has been Angela Ahrendts five years in Apple and its possible future

Without a doubt it was the news of yesterday, when we knew it last minute Angela Ahrendts announced her withdrawal from Apple. His departure from the company is scheduled for April this year, only five years after the release as senior vice president of retail. An employment that caused a lot of buzz when it was announced in 2013, a year before it came into effect, when Ahrendts was the CEO of Burberry.

Time has come to look back and forth Review these five years Apple's career as well as his possible future outside the apple company.

Five years of Ahrend's era

The work of building a network of Apple stores was described as "madness" when the first store opened in May 2001. For this initiative, Steve Jobs employed Ron Johnson in 2000 coming from the target chain. Johnson left the company to lead JCPenney in 2011. Apple did not find a replacement for April 2012 when John Browett took over, which lasted only six months.

Tim Cook took over the duty retail Until October 2013, he persuaded Angela Ahrendts, then Burberry, to go to Apple. In the spring of 2014 he took his seat and He began his career changing the experience in Apple's stores. Throughout this time, Ahrendts has been responsible for several initiatives to promote a number of initiatives:

  • redesign in the Apple Store, which creates an approach aimed at the customer experience and not so much for the sale. In the video above, you can see how he says experience should be a priority, as "everything can be bought cheaper and faster in an online store".
  • The creation of the sessions Today at Apple as the main character in this new concept for shop and experience. These are training sessions where the user or the future client can learn how to manage and utilize device units in a more creative way.
  • Apple stores will thus become something more like a city hall, a place to meet, learn and explore with the company's products.
  • In the same line, the Apple Store was simply called "Apple". So Apple stores have renamed Apple Puerta del Sol or Apple Passeig de Gràcia.
  • Preparation for the release of the Apple Watch in 2015. An important milestone for a company previously focused exclusively on consumer electronics, which was also sold wearables where fashion is an essential component.
  • Ground War, a "warroom" to monitor Apple's online and physical sales in real time, as we saw in an interview with BuzzFeed.

And it is that Ahrend's success at the time of the transformation of the entire Apple's physical and online front is undoubtedly. Former they worked separately and the future SVP of the future made them march at the same pace as one. The reservations of online products for physical store collection and enhancement of the iPhone store allow launching more orderly and satisfying for the customer, ending with long queues and creating uncertainty.

A future in fashion for Angela Ahrendts?

apple store

You know, I have loved fashion for 40 years. It's wonderful when you know everything there is to know about the industry because you grew up with it. There are things in the fashion industry that I miss.

How to finish Vogue Business's interview with Ahrendts, with a section that at that time did not know what he wanted to say, but in light of yesterday's news It has made sense. In my opinion, it still believes SVP for Retail that its paper in Apple has affected its goal. And to replace him, Apple has placed for the first time in history has turned to someone from the company. Deirdre O & # 39; Brien is a veteran who has been working for Apple for 30 years.

It is very possible that O & # 39; Brien now focuses on solving one of the most pressing issues in the stores: the queues caused by Apple product repairs. Though this is another problem. Let's focus on Angela Ahrendts again and on her next professional step.


The fashion industry is not going through its best moment, making the jump online in a way that creates problems for companies like ASOS. It could be argued that Ahrendts He has a lot of work in this industry. But in what signature? Looking back, we will see that since May 2018 he has participated in the Board of Directors of Ralph Lauren, a company whose last year has not been without problems. Something that is evident in the rapid turnover of its CEOs.

The current CEO of Ralph Lauren, Patrice Louvet, has been in office since September 2017. And the previous one was less than two years as CEO. Ahrendts already has experience as CEO by a fashion company when he worked in Burberry for 8 years. We should not be surprised if he takes his toes off Ralph Lauren in May.

And so are the pools that set Ahrendts to futurible Apple CEO

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