Tuesday , January 26 2021

TVN announces its candidates to Vana Kings: Chantal Gayoso and Hernán Arcil | TV and show

This Monday TVN confirmed the candidacy for two of its dancers red to become the kings of the Vina del Mar Festival. It's about Chantal Gayoso and Hernán Arcil.

The news was provided by the holiday version of the program and caused different reactions among the viewers. While some were sad, other candidates celebrated, so the dancer named it trending topic.

And is that Gayoso already has experience in the government. The young woman from Rancagua won the crown in the 2019 version of the Huaso Festival of Olmué and the Festival de la Patria.

Before being selected to compete for the crown, Gayoso said in the conversation with the Fotech portal that he was interested in the initiative. "I would be interested if the channel suggested it to me. It does not go in one, it goes in the channel, the channel suggests to you, it gives everything for you so you are queen, and I believe it to the fans if they suggested me, openly ", expressed in that opportunity.

For his part, Arcil put it on the television "We realized that this is a great responsibility. Of course we will always take her to the artistic side", according to the website Page 7.

We must keep in mind that Canal 13, Chilevisión and Mega will not present candidates for this version of the Viñamarino competition.


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