Friday , January 15 2021

University of Chile | Nicolás Oroz and Matías Campos López have not been judged by Frank Kudelka

The Argentine midfielder has not quite convinced the coach Frank Kudelka and in Peru he did not play because he had problems with the height.

By: S. Díaz and C. Salas

This Wednesday, at. 18:15, Universidad de Chile receives Melgar for circulation of the first phase of Copa Libertadores. In the first leg, in Peru, Blues dropped 1-0, so the task of promoting the round looks complex.

In the blues, the inclusion of Nicolás Oroz is a mystery. The Argentine, one of the reinforcements that came this season to the CDA, "has not convinced the coach Frank Kudelka," they say inside the club.

That is why they are still searching for a "10". Luis Jiménez was the first option, but "Wizard" is already excluded, so now the name he likes is that César Valenzuela. The next hours are the key to his possible arrival at the secular group.

Oroz did not play in Arequipa because he had difficulty adjusting to the height (2335 meters above sea level), although the coach did not intend to use it either. His performance in previous friendlies left him "happy for a while". Now more is an injury in doubt for clashes with Inca.

This Monday, Kudelka himself recognized his interest in Jiménez and Valenzuela. "I spoke to him (Jiménez), I wanted to internalize a possible integration, he is a player I think could give us experience in an area of ​​the right we do not have, I showed him my interest, but from there I know not who can say what happened, "said DT.

"(Valenzuela) He is a player whom we have shown as possible reinforcement in the team's arm, because of many vicissitudes, he could not reach the start of the competition, but that does not mean he does not come later," it said blue trainer.

Like Oroz, another one who has not been judged is Matías Campos López. Both cases are in any case different. The coach asked the Argentine, but not the former Palestinian player. It was an effort for management.

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