Monday , November 30 2020

Unveiled Premiere Date for the Third Season – Stranger Things – It's Spoiler Time!

The arrival of New Year in Hawkins, Indiana It brings us the first surprise 2019. Netflix has revealed with a small video it the next 4 of July, day off independence of US will debut the third season of Strange things.

In the video you can see the transfer of the ceremony New Year in New York that takes place in Times Square. The original transmission of ABC shows us the countdown and when we get to 11 voice to Mike screaming "The student".

So far no new details have been published on the plot known to be located 1985 and will refer to many movies of the time. The new delivery will have 8 episodes and this time we will see the boys in a new location: a shopping mall.

As a curious fact, the information was revealed by mistake for the account Twitter of Netflix Latin America. The video was released to 9:05 PM, time on Mexico, and it was immediately deleted. Although this is not the first time Netflix he makes this mistake.

In June, the account is Instagram of the platform in Japan, revealed that the series The end of the F *** ing world It had been renovated for another season, two months before the official announcement. And recently it was in late November Twitter, NXonNetflixwho revealed the premiere of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, of which until then it was not known that it should be a special movie and not the fifth season as much as we supposed.

So now we know You must pay close attention to the social network accounts Netflix that reveals important informationbefore the message OFFICER.

In addition, the official poster was also revealed:

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