Monday , March 8 2021

Uruguay won friendly against the Chilean national team U20

An exciting match between the choices of Uruguay and Chile it lived in La Granja de Curico Stadium, preparing for South America which will be played in January next year, where the quotas for Pan American Games of Lima and World Sub 20 in Poland.

Carlos Villanueva, 14th in the team led by Héctor Robles, scored the first goal in 62 seconds in the second half and opened the scoreboard for the date.

But Martín Barrios achieved leveling the score and scored a goal from Uruguay after 72 minutes. Thanks to that, the winner of the match was determined to punish, where The Uruguayan team managed to win.

Next Thursday, 15th, Chileans will have a chance to get a rematch against Uruguay in fiscal state Talca at 5:30 Do not miss it on the screen of Chilevisión!

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