Monday , January 25 2021

VIDEO | "Bielsa Rhapsody": the parody that fans of Leeds United honored the club and their coach SonarFM

Leeds United of Marcelo Bielsa continues to dare a magnificent gift. Other in the table and at the moment a passport to Premier League; the local i Elland Road They can not be happier with their squad and with the work like the former "The Red" have achieved week to week.

So much is bigotry for Bielsa that a British comedian, Micky Perr, customized a song from the line that has already been written and inspired by & # 39; Bohemian Rhapsody & # 39; – classic of queen, today more popular than ever – to dedicate it to Leeds United and specifically to Trans-Spirit's strategist.

In a new and renewed version, & # 39; Bielsa Rhapsody & # 39;, was released a few hours ago on social networks and has been a success.

The letter says: "Open your eyes, look at the sky, we're Leeds, I'm just a Leeds fan from a Leeds family because it's easy to come, Marcelo, Heckingbottom had to leave, take me to victory because it really matters. .. ". And continue: "Very late, very late, 15 years have passed … I got chills on my back, playing League One all the time, Goodbye Championship, we had to leave, we had to leave them all behind …".

Another test of how Marcelo Bielsa It leaves indelible marks in each of the institutions it reaches.

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