Friday , January 15 2021

VIDEO | Why is it easier for the authorities to show a Haitian than to the priest? Reilly, according to Mónica Rincón

Mónica Rincón focused his editorial on "Registered Trademark" by CNN Chile in the situation faced by John John Reilly, who has already served his sentence for sexual abuse against a minor and who has a 72-hour deadline to leave from Chile, according to the expulsion decree weighing against him.

"In addition to how desirable it would be for the victim and his family to leave, it should be for all Chileans. Because we've already listened to it until we're tired, right? Chile opens its doors for immigrants who are going to contribute, not to those who commit crimes. And O & # 39; Reilly is in this second categoryeven if I carry a priesthood because of the name of a father, or in jest ".

The journalist recalled that justice established that the leader of Christ's legionaries "repeatedly abused a child 2 years ago when he was 5 years old while he was their guide and teacher, taking advantage of the trust that his parents had in him because they believed he was a spiritual leader, not a predator. "

"This case shows the worst of a person who, according to the psychological report, is unable to empathize with his victim or take over the crime he committed and the damage he has caused," reminding the congregation "sent serving him 10 blocks from his victim's house "and" he has never excused the family or the little girl ".

For Rincon, O & # 39; Reilly's situation will put institutions to the test because To show a Colombian or a Haitian with evenly lit cameras is easy: another thing is to do it and give equal treatment to a man who was connected for decades to the most powerful in the country. Part of an elite who protected it from the public, it was not good to do it, one still retaining many (but now more quiet) defenders. "

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