Monday , January 25 2021

"We can't keep people in jail"

The president of the National Renewal, Mario Desbordes, referred to the bill that criminalizes the refusal, said Desbordes did not accept to punish with imprisonment. "I'm against continuing to add prison sentences to crimes, we can't continue to put people in prison unless they're serious crimes," he said.

According to the deputy who participated in the TVN's "National State" program on Sunday, the National Left is inconsistent with joining dictatorships in other countries, referring to Cuba as an example and condemning what happened in Chile.

"It cannot be valid to join human rights violations," said the parliamentarian, adding "what happens at the University of Chile (where there is a canvas that refers to Castro Castro), is it not negationism?"

RN's President referred to Manuel José Ossandón's statement saying that Deputy Camila Flores was wrong party after he claimed to be "pinochetista". "I think Ossandon is wrong, Camila has been very ready to condemn human rights."

Based on the question of whether one can be a "Pinochet" and condemn human rights abuses, Desbordes said that "I understand yes, you can, just as you can condemn human rights violations and praise (Fidel)) Castro."

Another issue that was addressed in the TVN room was the possible presidential candidate from José Antonio Kast who the deputy invited to attend the parties.

"I would like José Antonio to assess the possibility of being in Chile's primary vamos, but that means he will adhere to our declaration of principle," he confirmed, emphasizing that "José Antonio is not an opponent if 7% is for God who helped us in the second round. Let's not forget and let's not forget that the opponent is ahead. "

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