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"We gave everything for the whole, but it did not matter to us." "PrensaFútbol

Saturday November 10, 2018


The interim coach of San Luis de Quillota, Mauricio Riffo, referred to his group's case against Universidad de Chile 2-1 in the game in anticipation of the 28th national championship, where the team "Canary Islands" practically sentenced me to sink.

Mauricio Riffo, Interim coach in San Luis de Quillota, referred to the 2-1 loss to Universidad de Chile on Saturday November 10th in a waiting match due to the 28th national championship date and where the box in the fifth region remained on the edge of descent subtracts two days before the end of the tournament. The strategists confirmed that they are in a very complicated situation and that they will hold on to the remote opportunities to remain in the first division.

"It is a very complicated situation, it is strong, we are with the players who support us to finish this. We are in a more complicated situation than before the match, we will wait for the results," he said after a meeting at a press conference .

In his analysis, he explained that at the beginning his bosses began to press and suffer from the nerves, but he valued the delivery with the protocol: "The first few minutes were nervous. The first few minutes dominated us, but the first time was even. stronger in the ball and we improved. The punishments I did not clarify, we bound but we could not control any of those who ended with a penalty. "

On their heads, Riffo said they had done what he could do: "We have done a good job, we played a more than good match with" U ", a hierarchical team. We must finish the championship in some way. The analysis must be done The directive for what happened.

"Since we started, we have had clean complex rivals. We gave everything for the whole, but it did not reach us. It was winning to continue depending on us. Chilean football is irregular, so we expect others to do their job . We will beat the results to us at some point, "he concluded.

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