Friday , March 5 2021

"We still have much room for growth in Latin America"


In an analysis of the state of the moon by country, Chile is first, since Peru and then Colombia. In Argentina, business development is slower

the now of retail Falabella estto starring one strong transformationorn. the sale to trottingés of Internet estton cause modifications in the méall of purchase and the Compaorto estto prepared for accept these challengeíyou.

aceí the States Gaston Bottazzini, the one who I guessor as CEO the 1 of june, after 10 toñyou in the solid to the to arrivedor for lead the management Corporate of Falabella financial.

"if Good I already I was part of equipment to he has I'm coming develop the strategy of group to today we are take Forward, in This transitionorn there is one challengeíor of give it continuity to all the to they built to the long of the toñyou. of Other page, the same change to is estto gives in the industry and the requirement of the consumers forces to bring Stuff news to the table" he said the executive in one interview in Daily financial.

"my Misiorn to Forward this is accelerate a few project. but mtos to changes, this is one higher intensity in certain strategies to already they were legacy. Ademtos, all the process of increase of capital it was one part very important in This transitionorn" toñade.

the now only of enter one increase of capital in the to collectionor or$S550 million, average to is Destineton mainly to the purchase of Linio and to development of the series of Ikea in SthAméRich.

in how much to his paper to level regional, I assure to "if Good already we are in seven PAíSES, in 150 cities, in several markets receiverén we are mojtondonos the Foot. then, one part of seal to I'm looking for pressure you have to see with consolidate to process of internationalizationorn in latinoaméRich".

También estton develop one strategy of andtrade. "in the úlast toñyou apunttobamos to grow in financing, in short, in produce Bank, in the development of Bank Falabella. to Forward the goal estto mail in cormo the business financial is integrates to This ecosystem digital" he addedor.

"How many mtos of our business we have present in one PAís, mtos successful we tend to be in the feeling of to the subsidiaries is potentiate between sí. without embargo, No in all the PAíSES come on to grow and expand the business to same rhythm. our focus where No there is one group great of divisionsto they are Brazil, uruguay and MéMexicothis is consolidate the positionorn to we have, mtos to think in deposit with new format" indicor the executive.

the opportunity of deposit with new business the comes to follow evaluation in the time, in the measure to is dé the opportunity.

"Chile, Colombia and perú they are the PAíSES where we have the higher quantity of format and business, and where Ademtos estto present Linio. in those who markets we want prioritize the development of the to we call the ecosystem digital, to btobasically is results in use the capacity logísticas and Tecnolorgicas, our trademarks own, the business financial; all for do one suggestions very mtos powerful to the customers" insuredor.

in Colombia alsoén see facilities of growth in centers business and they have adults up pretty in openings of shops of section; they have one presence important with improvement of Home. despite to this, think to stillíto there is place for follow growing up.

"if TuviéRamos to do one onetolys of state of maturity of PAíSES, Chile estto first, then perú and afterés Colombia. given this, the opportunity mtos strong of growth estto in Colombia, where we have one business relatively mtos smallñor to the of Chile and perU, in one PAís relatively mtos great" aseveror.

in how much to Argentina, he said to estton "in one process of opening of shops Sodimac, but our focus in to PAís this is pretty mtos Slow. the development of business financial he has been mtos Slow; in shops of section as. to you have to see with to the same volatility of market No U.S he has allowed investment of one PAís to sí we believe to you have very potential. There is mtos uncertainties of short The expression to No U.S they have allowed grow with the same force".

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