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Monday, December 10, 2018


Following the narrow departure of Beñat San José from Universidad Católica, Monday's president and sports director José María Buljubichich came to clarify the situation where the former cross goalkeeper referred to the profile of the new coach they will be looking for. the team

José María Buljubich, former goalkeeper of the Catholic University and the current sports director of the institution, went to clarify the surprise departure of coach Beñat San José, and in the case referring to the profile, they are looking for the new coach. In passing he wanted a good future for Spanish.

"The truth is that we did not expect to be in this situation, football has these things. Thank you Beñat, the technical staff, the work, the excellent relationship with the institution. Hopefully he will do very well in the next challenge he has, We are sure he will be successful, "he began at a press conference.

In view of rumors that the strategen would have been bothered by the formation of the squad, Tati was responsible for denying this version and added that the club would look for players who match the team's profile for the new process. "With the players who came out, he agreed and with those who suggested he also agreed. To the coach that comes, we will introduce you to the new players from the team. The idea is to work with The list of coaches we have, "he said.

About the possible names to take on the precordillerana bank, he only announced that they would focus on a technical body that works professionally and engaged in the club. "You look and all ways of playing are successful, because when you win the championship, everyone celebrates the title. We want a coach who works professionally, honestly and engaging in the club," he concluded.

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