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What is the "Ghost Touch" of iPhone X

IPhone X was smartphone More expensive (US $ 999) for 10 years of Apple's history. But the mobile phone that the Cupertino company successfully sold with the slogan "a leap forward" took a big step back in its reputation when dozens of customers began to complain about the Internet about an error called "ghost drink".

The Apple Forum fumbled about the problem: there are hundreds of results when you search in English ("ghost touch") on the company's technical support page.

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It's a strange failure that affects the screen on iPhone X – the first Apple to unlock without a start button – and it generates an effect that some kind of invisible finger seems to move on, the elements shown in it will appear.

In other cases, the screen does not respond or malfunction.

"My iPhone X has been practically unusable because of the ghost. I have tried to restart it several times but every time it gets worse. Can you help me? "Wrote a user named Lewis on Apple's website in August 2018.

One of the company's technologies responded with a link to a help page where Apple suggests rebooting the device "If the screen is not responding to touch". It did not offer any more solutions if you had already restarted it and still did not work, as Lewis pointed out.

iPhone XCopyright for the imageJUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY PHOTOS
Image CaptionSome users were "furious".

Reddit also contains dozens of comments that reflect the problem. Some of them show Apple customers "annoying", "angry" and even "disgusting".

But after several months of controversy on the internet, the company has recognized the problem.

"A component"

"Apple has decided that some iPhone X screens may experience tactile problems due to a component which may fail in the display module, "the company explains in a statement published Friday on its website.

The Technical Bureau says that the screen – or part of it – does not affect the affected entities immediately to touch or react even when not affected.

In both cases, the company has launched a programreplacement (free) on-screen at Apple stores or authorized providers.

The offer only applies to iPhone X that has been affected by this issue. The company undertakes to keep it in force for a period of three years.

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Image CaptionThe IPhone X screen has no start button.

The company also says that the measure in some countries is not covered. In that case, the client must request a refund.

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The background

This is not the first time Apple's mobile phones experience problems.

One of Apple's latest controversies was dealing with the "Chargegate" case. It reflects the problems with the batteries in the new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones, which are incorrect to charge when they connect.

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There was also controversy over deliberate slowdown of some iPhone models with software updates, something that Apple first acknowledged in 2017 and motivated as a way to deal with the inevitable aging of lithium-ion batteries.

"Our goal is to give our customers the best experience," said the company.

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Image CaptionThis is not the first time that the screen on an iPhone causes problems.

"Apple was always very good at managing expectations … this is an example of how they destroyed it," wrote Tech Blogger developer Nick Heer.

Other analysts accused the company of "lack of transparency".

This time, he has not explained much about the "component" that explains the error in iPhone X, but it offers a free replacement.

In 2016, the iPhone 6 Plus also had complications with the touch screen. But at that time, the company charged US $ 149 to its customers to fix it.


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