Wednesday , January 20 2021

Which member of "Mucho Gusto" got married this weekend?

This Saturday, one of the panelists "With pleasure" Mega got married, a commitment that she made known through her Instagram account.

It's about the journalist Francisca Reyes, who a few weeks ago confirmed that she would marry her boyfriend, Pablo Ortiz

On the picture she shared, she can see her happy with her new husband, a commitment made in an intimate ceremony in the city of Pirque.

Her husband, Pablo Ortiz, also shared some pictures where he wrote: "I never thought I would get married, but here I am. Going a step further in my relationship. With a beautiful person who surprised me from the first Today with his good humor and joy, he dazzled me with his strength and way of looking at how he overcome and overcome the difficulties. I admire you and I'm proud to be my companion and witness to my life. a very pure feeling to you, which makes me happy about you. I love you my world champion. "

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