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Why does Sony not want to join the E3, the most important video game event? | Technology and Science | video games

The biggest video game event in the world will not have the Sony company and therefore with news about Play Station. For the man in charge of the Japanese company, Shawn Layden, E3 has lost its excitement in the world of video games. He says this convention is no longer needed as before.

For Layden, E3 has maintained the same organization of the event in recent years. "The stores have really left it, and journalists, with the internet and the fact that there are constantly news about games. E3 has lost its effect. So a commercial event became a commercial event without much trade. The world has changed, but E3 has not necessarily changed with him"He commented.

[PlayStation abandona la E3, la mayor feria de videojuegos del mundo]

Shawn Layden stated that E3 was necessary because journalists participated in planning their magazines and searching for stories and stocks to plan their stock; which is now changed by the opportunities offered by the Internet.

During the 25th and 28th of February, Sony will hold its own event: Destination Playstation. Layden said that all stores and business partners will be present to discuss what's coming from Sony in 2019.

In the same interview, Shawn Layden stated that Sony is concentrating on "Make fewer games a year", but focuses on its quality," spend more time, more energy and more money making them ".

The E3 will run from June 11 to 13 this year in Los Angeles and will participate in the major brands of video games.

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