Thursday , January 28 2021

Why does Xiaomi not sell PocoPhone F1 in the CDMX Mi Store?

Xiaomi has opened the first Mi Store in Mexico in Toreo Park, located in Mexico City, and although it has brought very interesting products like scooters or Mi 8, the reality is that there is a large absenteeism in this party as it is LittlePhone F1, equipment selling in Amazon Mexico at a very interesting price.

But why is PocoPhone F1 sold on Amazon and not on My Store? Well, before continuing with this question, I have to mention that we have contacted Xiaomi to get an official answer to this question so all that is written here is only speculation until we have an official position from the company .

Now, on to the original question, we must understand 2 things; the My store in Mexico It is not from Xiaomi, but from a third party, specifically from an official Telcel distributor, and as far as we know (in the absence of confirmation from Xiaomi), Mi Store has no relationship with the official Xiaomi Free Market store, and much less with The products sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico by the brand.

For the Mi Store, the Chinese company is responsible for managing and reviewing the operation of the store, and it seems that something is similar to the shopkeeper in Mercado Libre, as it is not Xiaomi as such that sells products. The Internet, while Amazon seems that the company itself is responsible for distribution because some customers purchased by Amazon come according to some customers with a European charger that makes us think it's Amazon that takes care of all the distribution in your store.

The PocoPhone F1 is not ready for our country's network

Although the PocoPhone F1 is compatible with the 4G LTE network of Telcel and AT & T, only make it through the 850 MHz band, a network currently under review and not all users can enjoy 4G coverage in this band, so some have 4G and others not, at least talking about Telcel and AT & T users.

Movistar is the operator who certainly runs out of 4G networks on this device so it will be something that the users are going to evaluate.

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Because Mi Store has a direct relationship with Telcel and Xiaomi also has an important alliance with the operator, I think it's good to not sell a phone that is not 100% compatible with Telcel's 4G network or less something I consider important to both companies because it could generate irritations among the users who bet on this phone.

This should be the reason why Xiaomi does not sell the equipment officially in the Mi Store, although it may also be wrong. Nevertheless, Xiaomi confirmed that PocoPhone F1 will come to Mexico at some point, and later new products will be released to My Store Parque Toreo and all others opened in the next year.

What do you think is the reason that the PocoPhone F1 is not yet sold in the Mi Store?

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