Wednesday , January 20 2021

Windows 10 Start Menu is also a victim of errors caused by patches released by Microsoft

A few days ago, we learned how the problems were returned to Microsoft with the release of a patch, specifically that number KB4467682. Intended for Windows April 10, 2018 Update, caused blue screens to some owners of Surface Book 2. Consequences? Microsoft blocked the update to these computers.

Days have passed and it seems that the waters continue without reassuring them to Redmond, who are now victims of a new mistake in patches KB4469342 and KB4467682. An error that results in viewing and reproducing problems in Windows 10 Start Menu. Another headache for the user

They are therefore two patches, KB4467682 and KB4469342, both for an update that, after a slightly uneven release, seemed to pave the way for silk … so far. It is therefore contagious of the catastrophic launch that will be Windows 10 October 2018 Update, as Draw a huge list of errors after him.

The two patches affect, on the one hand, that there are many users who have problems with "Start Menu". This is not displayed correctlyespecially if we have decided to adjust it by changing the situation of the programs and "Tiles". They show cropped lines, interrupted menus or boxes where they do not have to.


This error adds the already known distorted the operation of Edge videos, which remains frozen when video is played in the browser if a graphic is signed by Nvidia. Better to get the new edge soon.

Apparently, Microsoft is already aware of this error and is working on a solution to arrive in the form of a patch throughout the month of December.

As much as they want to see from the company that they improve the process with which the new Builds and Updates reach the market, the truth is that cases like this show that it is not. Errors and openwork errors are still present and more and more users are afraid to update their equipment, especially when they need it for professional tasks.

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