Tuesday , January 26 2021

"You have to make a mea culpa"

Departure of Mariela Sotomayor by intruders continues to raise dust. Yesterday La Cuarta published an interview with the journalist explaining that she had spent a lot of time in the program, which was never integrated that there were "people who did not make me feel 100% good" and she felt " violated, violated in peace "By laughing that they would not renew the contract.

The accusations fell like a forest of ice cold water on the team at La Gran Canaria Square and denied any bad feeling to her for the nine months she co-operated.

"It seems unfair, dangerous, ugly, I'm deeply disappointed with Mariela, who in the newspaper said she felt abused, a concept that should not be used relentlessly to arrive and use. I have never seen anyone interfere with her in the program "is the version of Alejandra Valle, host and spokesman for the working group, of which last Sotomayor was disconnected.

The decision was released unofficially faster than expected, and it disturbed the former primer a lot as it happened when his father was hospitalized for serious health problems.

Valle defends her family and confirms that she and her colleagues did not know that opinóloga wanted to leave the set and when they were told, they began to break a color screen that was never done because the above did not agree.

"I find it very unfair that I am talking about abuse that I blame certain panelists and people for things that are decisions of the channel. If they take a panelist and decide that it is her, as we did not know, it appears I am a gigantic irresponsibility to blame us for a leak that I have no idea how it was produced. By the way, everything was correct with Mariela: she was told one month in advance that she did not follow and she was offered to say good bye on the screen. "

– Mariela says that people on the panel made her feel bad, what did you see, Ale?

We are a panel we are talking about the topics, the discussions are heated, but they do not happen to adults, it's as if in a football game someone was mistreating you. I have never seen her out of the air, have a problem with anyone.

"There is also the point that he never felt integrated.

I do not know, neither of us come together this weekend, we are not very friends. We all have a hearty treatment, we held every Tuesday to have lunch together, she did not get because she could not, not because she was not invited. And it's not just the faces, it's a big team of 35 people. Here, she never said that she did not feel in the group, on the contrary, she always offered to work with her brands, and several of us supported her in it. I was deeply disappointed with what he said.

– If it were up to you, would you have left it in the program?

Of course, I really like the look he has, I like it, it's entertaining, dynamic, but I've apparently not had a good time either.

– Did they notify?

I called her when it was appropriate for her sick father, I called her again and she did not answer me when her statements came. It has not been long … We are all disappointed and shocked because we had not expected it from her. For now, unless she does self-criticism and understands what she did wrong and it hurts a team who greeted her with open arms for 9 months.

– Is there a culpa of you?

Mea Culpa would have to do it. I talked to her a thousand times and they all did what we tried to contain it, for many times she came and cried to the personal stuff program. In "Intrengers" we have a clear conscience, but we are very sad and disappointed because he said things that make people get a picture of us that is not genuine.

Rodrigo León, the executive executive of the room, also attacked: "It's always painful when a member of the program has to leave the project. However, we are very disappointed with how things have been shown over the last two days. Our panelists had nothing to do with Marielas departure from intruders. "

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