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2018 domestic film overall box office nearly 61 billion yuan domestic film contribution over 60% – News – Global IC Trade starts here –

In 2018, the total domestic film box office is nearly 61 billion yuan.

Domestic films contribute more than 60%

Security Daily Reporter Xie Ruolin Chen Wei

For the Chinese film industry, last year has been a decisive year.

According to the National Film Bureau, the overall film for the national film in 2018 was 60,976 billion yuan, an increase of 9.06% over the previous year's 55,911 billion yuan. The number of people who saw the city cinema was 1,716 billion, an increase of 5.93% over the previous year of 1.62 billion. Among them, the domestic movie box office was 37,797 billion yuan, accounting for 62.15% of the total ticket office.

The data show that there were 82 films with a cash register of over 100 million yuan in 2018, including 44 domestic films. The industry generally believes that the increase in domestic high-end box office films is the most obvious trend in the Chinese film industry in 2018. Last year, a total of 20 domestic produced films of more than 500 million were sold. Renminbi and 9 domestic produced films were over $ 1 billion. The film "Red Sea Action" led the annual market record with a cash register of DKK 3,651 billion. Yuan and an audience of 0.93 billion. Highlight the highlights.

In total, a total of 902 film films, 51 animated films, 61 science and education films, 57 documentary films and 11 special films were produced in total, 1,082 in total. In 2018, 9923 new screens were added nationwide, and the total number of screens reached 6.079.

Cash film for Chinese films has started from 17.1 billion yuan in 2012 and has increased five billion thresholds in six years. For the rapid development of the domestic film market, an industrial analyst said that due to the continued expansion of the infrastructure, the number of national monitors is growing rapidly, and on the other hand, the quality of household films continues to break, especially in 2018 we found a lot of bright spots. The market has gradually become more rational, and mouth-to-mouth drives the ticket office to become a reality.

As early as the beginning of last year, when the industry shouted the 60 billion yuan target at the box office, it was filled with enthusiasm and expectation. But after the summer season, the film market gradually showed a new movie weakness, and the old movie is weak and it has caused many practitioners to believe that the goal of 60 billion yuan is "cool".

It must be said that the domestic film in 2018 appeared excellent. According to the professional version of Taobao ticket data, the five largest domestic films in 2018 are "Red Sea Action", "Chinatown Detective 2", "I am not a drug god", "Xihong City's richest man" and "Revenge" Alliance 3: Infinite War , four of which are domestic films. The cumulative cash register for the above films was 3.651 billion yuan, 3.398 billion yuan, 3.99 billion yuan, 2.548 billion yuan and 2.289 billion yuan.

The aforementioned analysts believe that in the context of slower growth in the second half of 2018, domestic produced films still produce a future trend and their market space is far from saturation.

In addition, the film mouth in 2018 has become a key factor in determining the cashier's office, and post-screening scores have become an important driver of the ticket office. Specifically, including "I am not a drug god", "nameless generation" and other films, through mouth-to-yeast fermentation to further support its box office performance.

According to the four-time data, the top five movie results in 2018 are "I'm not a drug god", "Awesome, my country", "Little Lori's Uncle Monkey", "Red Sea Action", "Mystery Superstar". The above films scored 9.4 points, 9.3 points, 9.3 points, 9.3 points and 9.2 points, three of which were resident and two were Indian films. Hollywood's influence has a weakening trend.

Some insiders told the Securities Daily that for the film and television circuit 2018 is a decisive year. Under the pressure of capital flight and tax reform, the cash register office still hit a new high. Many people talk in the winter, but we must realize that winter is coming and spring is not far away.

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