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2019 Spring Festival file inventory: box office reputation double harvest sci-fi film ushered in a breakthrough – Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 11Title: 2019 Spring Festival movie inventory: box office foot to foot double harvest sci-fi movie ushered in a new breakthrough

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Peng, Wei Yuyu, Bai Hao

2019 Spring Festival, "Wandering Earth", "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life", "The King of New Comedy", "Bear Infested, Primitive Era", "Detective Pu Songling", "Little Pig Peggy", 7 Movies Become the most important force. According to preliminary statistics from the National Film Board, during the spring festival holiday this year, the Chinese box office reached 5.84 billion yuan, and the number of people who saw the film reached 130 million. Among them, the first of February, the first day of the first day of the first month, reached 1.443 billion yuan, setting a one-day cash register of 1,268 billion yuan in the first month of last month.

Good mouth to mouth brings high box office

According to the National Film Bureau's statistics, "Wandering Earth" was the boxing match of this year's Spring Festival with a cashier's office of 2.01 billion yuan. "Frenzy Aliens", "Flying Life" and "The King of New Comedy" were 1.49 billion yuan respectively. 10.43 billion yuan and 532 million yuan were listed on the two-to-four offices.

In fact, on the first day of the first month, the only day-care office ranked "Wandering Earth" fourth behind "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life" and "The King of New Comedy". But on the third day of the first month, "Wandering Earth" became today's box office champion and has been leading since then. The National Film Archives satisfaction survey of the China Film Archive also showed that "Wandering Earth" won the title satisfaction of the championship by 85.6 points, which again proved that the film ultimately relied on mouth to win.

"Bear Infested, Primitive Era", "Detective Pu Songling", "Little Pig Peggy Over the Year" ranked 5-12.1 billion yuan, 129 million yuan and 112 million yuan respectively placement five to seven in the box office of the Spring Festival. Among them, the film satisfaction of "Bear Infested and Primitive Era" is higher than the series of earlier works "Bear Infestations and Metamorphosis" and "The Fantasy Space of Bears", and its box office is also expected to break the highest box office record of the series (610 million yuan).

According to the Film Filing Archive's satisfaction survey of China's Filipino archive, the audience's satisfaction result for the spring party in 2019 was 83.9 points, which was considered "satisfactory". This is the highest score of the spring party since the survey was launched in 2015 and it is also all 27 Second place in the investigation period. Represented by the successful counter-attack of "Wandering Earth", the Spring Festival in 2019 fully confirmed the "Iron is the King" market and also gave confidence to the industry's high-quality pursuit.

Science fiction film is scattered

The biggest surprise for the spring festival in 2019 is that the Chinese film has won the first true science fiction movie. The movie "Wandering Earth", which was adapted to Liu Cixin's novel by the same name, has grown up. After being a day-competition on the third day of New Year's Day, it did not just keep looking at the office, but also got a good reputation.

"Wandering Earth" tells the story that the sun is being destroyed, the solar system is no longer fit for human survival, and humans have launched the "Wandering Earth" program to push the earth out of the solar system and find a new home. Film and TV experts said "Wandering Earth" as a hard science fiction movie has created the basic look of Chinese-style science fiction film. Whether it's a crisis event, scientific structure or special effects production, it has basically reached international standards.

In addition to the more complete film production, the theme "Wandering Earth" is also an important factor in attracting the audience. Film critic Li Xingwen said the film tells the story of the Chinese saving the planet. The public's pride is motivated, and the film feels very cordial. It ensures that the film is not only popular in big cities, but also sinks well into the fourth and fifth tier cities. In the viewing group.

As a work of the Chinese science fiction movie "take off", "Wandering Earth" still has an immature place. "The film is lacking in human expression, and the role behavior is sometimes more impulsive than rational." Li Xingwen said, but to confirm the breakthrough and innovation of "Wandering Earth", it marks the first time that the type of science fiction film is formed in the Chinese film industry. The audience's aesthetics, looking forward to the future of science fiction film in the sci-fi expression and human expression in parallel.

Comedy animation is still the same

Comedy films and cartoons have always been frequent visitors to the spring party, and this year's spring party continues with comedy and animation. The character "Little Pig Peggy's New Year", "Bears in the Primitive Age" and comedy "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life" and "The King of New Comedy" cover the audience of all ages. The impact of the New Year's "family carnival".

The "Bear Infested" series of animated films, such as the "Spring" Spring Festival, have accompanied the audience for six years. "Bear Infested and Primitive Era" continues pre-adventure, hilarious and warm features, lively and interesting stories and in-depth explanations to create a movie that suits the whole family. "Little Pig Peggy Over the Year" presents a lively audience atmosphere in a way that combines real people and animation, but the story is simple and the two parts of the live performance and animation are tough and the audience's response is boring.

The comedy films at Spring Festival have collected many directors or actors who are good at comedy production, and they have received a lot of attention before the release. After the release, however, the agency was far too high and low, and there was nothing like a comedy movie in the spring party.

Yin Hong, Vice-President of the Literary and Art Critics Association, said the film and film group mutually promote development. A good movie improves the viewer's image quality, and a tasteful audience promotes the quality of the movie. In recent years, Chinese comedy films have developed rapidly and the audience's aesthetic taste for comedy films has become higher and higher. Simple superimposed jokes are difficult to capture people's hearts. The comedy films requested by the audience must have a theme that can resonate and there must be original jokes. .

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