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A glimpse of the hard science fiction industry "Wandering Earth" published in Chengdu magazine 19 years ago –


Migrant soil, a dawn of hard science fiction industry

Culture is a great year, and watching movies is a "must-selected item" for many people during the spring party. One of the highlights of this year's spring party is that the sci-fi theme has been debuted for the first time. Two films adapted to Liu Cixin's science fiction have received much attention. One is a movie adapted to Liu Cixin's novel of the same name, "Wandering Earth", China's first science fiction film produced at a high price. The second is based on the movie "Crazy Alien" by Liu Cixin's novel "Country Teacher". The film combines two types of comedy and sci-fi.

The statistics show that after the movie "Wandering Earth" was released five days later, the cashier's office broke $ 1.4 billion, and the film-shaking chairman promoted became a unique cultural phenomenon from the spring party. The impact of DKK 5 billion Ticket office, Cameron congratulated, foreign media praised … This "Scarred Earth", known as China's "hard science fiction" movie, is the charm of hard science fiction? What causes the film's popularity?

1 星火燎原 There is no disillusioned sci-fi fire

The success of the "Wandering Earth" movie not only makes the fans addicted, but also makes the sci-fi people tense. This includes Yang Feng, a senior sci-fi person in Chengdu. She has more than 10 years of experience in the science fiction world and has served as editor and vice-director of Science Fiction World. In 2016, she stepped down and founded her own science fiction culture company focusing on sci-fi IP copyright tasks and development.

What are the inspirations for the success of "Scaring Earth" about science fiction and industry? What is the idea of ​​Chengdu's sci-fi upgrade? On February 7, tire journalist Yang Feng interviewed.

Cover News: What is your deepest sense of senior teacher and witness, and looks back on the evolution of China's science fiction in the last few decades?

Yang Feng:

It is the persistence of the older generation of science fiction people who do not pay for the rewards and the persistence of the original heart, so that the star's fire has not been destroyed more than 30 years ago and it is gradually forming the original trend. In September 2016, just after the establishment of Baguangfen Culture, we jointly launched a project with Xinhuanet Sichuan Branch: an interview with Chinese science fiction oral history. In the first phase of this project, we are based in Chengdu and have made important contributions to promoting science fiction culture in Sichuan and even China by Yang Lan, Tan Wei, Zhou Mengyu, Liu Xingshi, Wang Xiaoda, He Xi and Liu Shahe , Dong Renwei, Wu Xiankui and Yao Haijun. The characters interviewed a Chinese science fiction map through their various aspects of history. For a month and a half interview I was touched by the guests' talk many times. As a sci-fi practitioner, I think many of my colleagues have the same dreams: I appreciate today's hard-working environment. The development of China's science fiction industry has done too much.

2 Agglomeration effect Chengdu creates a "science and fantasy capital"

Cover News: Founded a science fiction company in Chengdu and the development moment is very good. What is Chengdu's sci-fi atmosphere regarding your personal feelings?

Yang Feng:

The sci-fi atmosphere in Chengdu is very rich. As everyone knows, besides Panda Capital's reputation, Chengdu has been sparingly no effort to build its second business card "Science Fantasy Capital" for many years. The reason why such a courage is, of course, is that Chengdu is the home base of China's oldest science fiction journal Science Fiction World. Science fiction World not only cultivated two generations of science fiction fans in New China, but also attracted the attention of global science fiction writers because of the four world-class science fiction conferences, making Chengdu's science-fiction industry development uniquely beneficial. The choice of Chengdu for new startups, in addition to the love of science fiction, is largely due to Chengdu's long-standing scientific foundation. Chengdu is a city that constantly produces sci-fi writers and sci-fi fans. Almost all universities have sci-fi fans. The provincial and municipal governments also attach great importance to the sci-fi industry. Currently, no city in the country is like a sci-fi as a new business card in the city. There are so many eager expectations for the future science fiction industry. Generally, Chengdu has formed an agglomeration effect and the benefits are very obvious.

Cover News: Some people mentioned that the success of "Wandering Earth" marks a new transformation of the national science fiction industry. The domestic science fiction industry is entering "movie era" from the "literary time", which means new challenges for Chengdu. .

Yang Feng:

Science fiction itself is a way of thinking that constantly promotes cognition and constantly breaks the boundaries. The science fiction industry is also an industry that involves a very wide range of upstream and downstream industries. It cannot be measured geographically. In addition, the production of networks and globalization has slowly broken the geographical boundaries. As early as November 2017 at the Chengdu International Science Fiction Conference, we were at a summit on Chinese science fiction films. Xia Xia, director of film and television culture Baguang, invited the director of "Wandering Earth" Guo Fan and "Tuo Xing". Director Zhang Xiaobei and Wanda Films were responsible for the development of several science fiction film makers, Qu Ji Xiaojiang. The forum was called "Ice Age of Chinese Science Fiction Movies"; Xi Xia teacher also participated in "Wandering Earth" Another piece of Liu Cixin's work, Supernova, which was developed almost at the same time.

The development team in Tencent's "Glory of the King" won the China Science Fiction Conference's best sci-fi game prize in Chengdu. The annual output value of this game is tens of thousands, Chengdu has 100,000 jokes making explosions of science fiction animation. The team's team, Aier Square, also conducts science fiction projects, which are also Chengdu Yuxiong Technology, which exports games to foreign countries. You certainly won't have China's science fiction movies to have only the "Wandering Earth" section? The pyramid of science fiction film and television is not a germ, you can stand on the world, there is very basic work to do, such as science fiction film festival, sci-fi movie script training, sci-fi network development of various scales.

Cover journalist Zhang Jie

"Wandering Earth" reflects the "turning point" of college movies and television education

At 11 o'clock in the afternoon of February 9, the "Wandering Earth" box reached 1.246 billion. This phenomenon-level sci-fi movie, which was flopped by "Card God", is also not a small wave in the film and television education circles of Sichuan universities. Experts and scholars have expressed their insight into growing talents in related areas in the future.

Wang Yiyin, Deputy Generator of the Film and Animation School of China-ASEAN Art Institute at Chengdu University and Vice President of Sichuan Radio, Film and Television University, believes that behind the popularity of "Wandering Earth" is the media revolution that brings television, film and nymedieaktier. Constantly adjusted. "From the analysis of the ten films with the highest percentage of order notices in 2018, we can observe that household films and magnificent use of animation and special effects films account for 60% and 50%, respectively, so that the innovation and development of animation and special effects technology must not be less, we must strengthen investment and basic research in this area. "

Today, the demand for high-quality production figures is no longer limited to purely "technical flow". As a mechanical control, Huang Qibai, a professional film and television design teacher and three-dimensional animation production at Sichuan Film and Television College, was admired for the film's exquisite design of truck suspension details, warning label operation, and the automatic firearm principle. "The early art production of" Wandering Earth "requires designers to be familiar with the mechanical design theory. In fact, it is a cross-border integration in many areas, requiring a high level of quality of talent."

Regarding the evaluation of the movie, Wang Yiyin believes that "Wandering Earth" indicates that China's science fiction film production is "full chain" – no longer outsourced production of international projects, but performs "Chinese feelings" on "Chinese text "by science fiction works. The adaptation of the world narrative.

Huang Qibai said that in order to better interpret the film, the director of "Wandering Earth" visited Hollywood to learn about the differences between Chinese and American film culture, shooting techniques and narrative style. The teams from both sides continued to communicate and realize the curve of domestic science fiction films. overtaking. "This kind of deep international collaboration is also one of the challenges for colleges and universities in film and television education. It includes the introduction and systematic study of foreign film and television production software, introduction of foreign academic circles and expert resources."

Cover journalist Yang Xiaotong

Keep on paying attention for some years

"Wandering Earth", a Chinese hardcore science fiction movie that smashes water circles, is closely linked to Sichuan people. Not only was the original novel published in Chengdu's magazine Science Fiction World 19 years ago, but also won the Yingying Group investment. Cross-border marketing is carried out with the Red Flag chain.

On the afternoon of February 7, Peng Yu's tire journalist, chairman of Haoying Investment Co., Ltd., learned that Yingying had put great emphasis on the movie of the "Wandering Earth" film and participated in the investment in 2018, but according to the agreement the specific investment amount is not practical for publication.

Peng Yu revealed that Yingying's investment in "Wandering Earth" was favored primarily by the famous writer Alai, editor of "Science Fiction World". Second, "Wandering Earth" opened a new type of Chinese science fiction movie. Innovative is, of course, one of the film's production, production and distribution, Beijing Culture Company, general manager of the film industry department, Zhang Miao, is based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and has maintained good relations with Yingying. Combining these factors, Yingying participated in the investment as he learned that the "Wandering Earth" movie project was created.

It's not just investments, including the landing activities "Wandering Earth" in Sichuan, and Yingying's participation. As soon as a few years ago, when China Film Group brewed the movie "Wandering Earth", Yingying began to pay attention to this movie and remembered it for years. Later, I learned that the Beijing Culture Company was involved in it and rely on production, production, and operating capabilities, so Yingying did not hesitate to invest.

This year's Spring Festival two sci-fi movies have become explosive, will you continue to invest in science fiction movies in the future? Peng Yu honestly said that Yingying will always pay attention to local brands and local creators, and is not limited to science fiction movies, but also includes realism themes. Cover the journalist Zeng Jie

"The Wandering Earth" was released in Chengdu 19 years ago.

I have seen the foreign science fiction films like Gravity, Star Wars and Interstellar Crossing capturing domestic fans and smashing the cashier's office. The lack of local science fiction movies is always a regret for Chinese fans. In the beginning of 2019, "The Wandering Earth" compensated for this regret. 19 years ago, Liu Cixin's original novel was published in the journal Science Fiction World. "Science Fiction World" is a beautiful cultural map in Chengdu.

Cover News: After reading "Wandering Earth," you said, "Chinese science fiction has finally wagered sails today." This sentence is meaningful. Does the success of this domestic sci-fi movie show that China's science fiction film will enter a blue sea in the future?

Liu Cixin: In fact, as early as the Republic of China, some people in our country have taken sci-fi movies, but the price is small and the impact is small. The Hollywood Sci-fi movie like "The Wandering Earth" is still the first. The film has been successful in mouth to mouth. If box office performance is good, it will certainly be very beneficial for the future development of the Chinese science fiction movie.

Cover News: After the successful adaptation of the "The Wandering Earth" movie, many people will surely increase their expectations for "Three-body". What do you think is the difficulty of adapting the "Three-body" movie?

Liu Cixin: "Three-body" is more complicated than "Wandering Earth." "Wandering Earth" is a novella, and "Three-body" is a novel. I think the key to the success of the adaptation of the "Three-body" movie is to find a point that will restore and recognize the Chinese audience. What is this point, I don't know, it's the filmmakers' stuff.

Cover News: "Wandering Earth" first appeared in "Science Fiction World" in 2000, and your "Three-body" was first serialized from "Science Fiction World". You and the sci-fi people in Chengdu have many exchanges. The president of the Sichuan Writers Association and the famous author Alai were also the head of Science Fiction World. He also mentioned that he discovered your talents at an early age and expressed his gratitude to you.

Liu Cixin: I wrote sci-fi cards. At that time, Alai, who was editor-in-chief, left Science Fiction World. So we don't treat much. But he left me with the deepest impression: he never refuses to learn new knowledge. He is always diligent in learning modern scientific knowledge, especially groundbreaking scientific knowledge. Cover journalist Zhang Jie

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