Tuesday , November 24 2020

Apple integrates AR technology into map navigation: The panorama path is intuitive and clear – Apple Apple – cnBeta.COM

Too many "innate path idiots" in life,Even with navigation, you can often not recognize the direction, or even follow the navigation instructions to reach your destination.from

. However, a patent recently submitted by Apple may become "Road" and the new patent adds Apple's navigation feature to Apple's Apple Maps, making it easier for users to understand navigation directions.


Apple Online Store (China)

It has been reported that after combining the AR technology with the navigation feature, the user can use the mobile camera to view the panorama route and end position, and then identify the direction.Instead of repeatedly looking down on the map, route information such as normal navigation, the real reference object is used to identify the prompt in the navigation.

apple card 3d flyover.png

At the same time, navigation with AR function can also visually see when to turn, lower and turn around in the capable 3D model in the surrounding building.And in combination with satellite images, users can more clearly determine whether they are in the same position in the navigation.

Apple is not the only vendor to explore AR cards. In May, Google showed its own map of Google Maps at the I / O Developer Conference. Users simply point the phone camera on the street and Google Maps can automatically set the direction of the route.


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