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Original title: Walking in front

General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening on 18 December triggered a warm response in development zone companies.

"Like the great achievements that have been made in the 40 years of reform and opening, and welcomes the big and open opening of the reform." Everyone said that they should thoroughly study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinp's spirit, not to forget the original heart, move on and go into the new era. The leading edge, creating a new miracle of the Chinese nation in the new era!

Grab the technological innovation of this bull nose

Development is the last word. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we must adhere to the concept that innovation is the first driving force, talent is the primary resource, implement innovation-driven development strategy, improve the national innovation system, accelerate the independent innovation of key network technologies and create a new engine for economic and social development .

"Jingdong has been swayed by the fate of this day. First of all, it should be attributed to this era." Yang Haifeng, leader of Jingdong Logistics, said in an interview with journalists that "in recent years, China's internet industry has evolved rapidly following the Chinese economy's support. It is also the benefit that new technology brings to industry. In the future, we will Through our own endeavors, logistics supply chain lashes in technology's wings, making new contributions to the development of the e-commerce industry and adding color to the reform and opening. "

"Innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development." Cui Ruofei, secretary of the Northern Party's branch of Ji Chuang, said after learning the Secretary-General's speech that innovation is not a simple adventure but a method and a logical challenge to set north. It has addressed the innovative demand from the "Central Nerve" LED display – runs IC, and has created a new world. From 2012 to now, its performance has doubled year after year and will be the industry's first market share. It also started work in the science and technology development of the listing and strived to capitalize on the capital market to make major contributions to the development of China's chip industry.

"The important speech from Secretary General Xi Jinping has further convinced everyone that with the continued deepening of reform and opening, innovative industries, including artificial intelligence, could soon strengthen the new era." Founder and Chairman of Beijing Haolong Technology Co., Ltd. Shi Xiaogang said: "Advanced technology, core technology can not be achieved, can not buy, we must trust ourselves to fight. Today, the closer to the dream, the more face different challenges and difficulties, the more you have to to find a new world of ourselves. We must make a solid technical battle to build an industrial benchmark in the AR area, continuously promote AR technology, bring changes to industry, security, education, military and other industries and continue pushing it to the public, thus contributing to the development of the motherland. The strength of youth. "

A stick and a stick forward

"In the last 40 years of reform and opening, the country has undergone earthquake changes. Secretary General Xi Jinping reviewed the reform and opened the process from ten aspects and pointed out that we welcome three" big jumps. "After listening to these, I am very excited. In the business community, there are also many praise and praise. Everyone has greater confidence in the party and the country and more confidence in their own business. "Yan Jian, vice president of Suntec, said:" It's reform and opening. We have the opportunity to grow into a big company that is listed on the board of directors in 20 years and go out of the country to enter Europe, Africa and Asia. In the future, we hope to follow the new footsteps of reform and opening, we can go even further. far away. "

"It's the reform and opening that allows us to enjoy the benefits of the times." Lan Lidong, President of Beijing Zeroweight Space Technology Co., Ltd. said with tension that the same day as the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening ceremony was celebrated, the company won 1018 military work list for ten years. Price certificate for large commercial airlines. From a small office in the development zone in 2017, this has been rapid development this year. In February, it successfully developed the first private satellite Fengma Niu No.1 in China, in April, the runway experiment ended with separate structures; In early September, the 3U cubic star EREBUS-1 was launched with the interstellar glory hyperbolic 1Z solid sub-orbital rocket. Following the opening of the new area for micro-nano satellites in the commercial aviation area, next year's nasty space will focus on exploiting the cubic constellation in the air.

"Building a socialist modernization force and realizing that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a relay. We must drive after each other, and every generation must drive a good result for the next generation." President He Chunming said: "Reform and opening have pointed to the direction of the new era. I believe our company will develop in a good environment and contribute to China's development."

General Secretary Xi's word is heard. In the hottest country, witnessing the history of reform and opening, innovators in the development zone are a new mission, and passion is high and then dismissed.

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