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Cannavaro or take over as the national football coach, became the football association's favorite candidate veto of the General Administration – National Football, Asian Cup, Lippi, Varo, is in China News

2019-02-12 10:16:47 Source: China News Net

Zhao Zhen Weibo screenshot.Zhao Zhen Weibo screenshot.


BEIJING, FEBRUARY 12 (Xinhuanet) It has been 18 days since Lippi announced his departure. It has been two weeks since Lippi left China and the candidates for the national football field have not yet started. But yesterday, some journalists revealed that the football association had already chosen Lippi & # 39; s successor, but it was rejected by the general administration, and Evergrand's coach Cannavaro is likely to take over as the national football pitch.

"Football" reporter Zhao Zhen wrote on Weibo: On the national football coach you have to say something to the football association. Before the World Cup started last year, the football association has chosen a successor Lippi, Croatian Bilic. The two sides signed the difference and were finally stopped by the Secretary General's manager. According to the Football Association's plan, the new coach can lead the Asian Cup, but also warm up in advance to the World Cup. Then there is the current situation, the national football does not know who the head coach is. Cannavaro is nothing from the past, because in the Asian Cup, the old card went back to China to see the management of the general administration. To allow Evergrande to be a national training team, this is a series. But you have to ask the effect, I'm not optimistic about this plan.

In the UAE Asian Cup 1/8 knockout national football game against Thailand, Cannavaro went to the UAE to watch the national football game. (Than)

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