Thursday , December 3 2020

"Chrome Canvas" lets you graffiti in your browser

Apps that let you paint on tablets, mobile phones, or other touch-enabled devices are versatile, and many have matching network stores, but if you just want to remember something or draw a concept When it comes to drafting, the "Chrome Canvas" tool, like Google launched quietly, being able to meet your needs.

Chrome Canvas is very simple, just open the page via a browser (not necessarily Chrome as long as you support WebAssembly), you can start painting directly. The interface provides four manuscripts such as pencils, pens, oil-based pens and carbon strips plus the eraser tool, but unlike many similar tools, the content it actually draws is a bitmap, not a vector. That is, the two overlapping lines are already "mixed" together, and the rubbing can only be erased together, not just one.

Although it can be pulled with a mouse or a touchpad, this tool is obviously more suitable for flat fingers and straight to draw. Once you have completed your masterpiece, you can save it as a png file, but almost the current feature is like this. I don't know if Google will increase the functionality of it if it's used more.

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