Tuesday , January 26 2021

Club Med responds to Noro virus for the third time: triple compensation for compromised guests – Xinhuanet

On the 12th, Club Med Club announced on the 12th that Yabuli Resort Norovirus infection was released, and it provided three panties for comfort for all victims of the virus.

Yabuli Mediterranean club style. Image source: Club Med (Yabuli Mediterranean Club) official website.

At Club Med's official website, the all-inclusive price of a three-day Yabuli ski vacation is five days and four nights about 17,000 yuan.

According to the report, the entire resort undergoes a series of epidemic control and disinfection work, including extensive disinfection, to ensure that there are no potential epidemics after this Friday. At the same time, Club With Global Health and Health Experts and a Professional International Health Team have been sent to the Yabuli website to help deal with the Norovirus epidemic.

At present, the resort carries out epidemic control under the direction of relevant departments. Club Med said that guests who are still at the resort can decide whether to leave the resort according to their wishes, Club Med will compensate them accordingly if you go to the hospital within two days of leaving the shop. Club Med will compensate for the corresponding medical expenses. .

Club With Yabuli Resort on February 9, having experienced the phenomenon of physical discomfort after the meal. Following the immediate disclosure of the Harbin Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was confirmed that some Club Med Club Yabuli Resort tourists had vomiting and diarrhea. Norovirus infection. In recent days, a total of 42 self-reported and symptomatic visitors have been registered, of whom 8 have visited Yabuli Town Center Health Center and Yabulin District People's Hospital.

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