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Club With "management" virus that will solve _

On February 11, the suspect food poisoning incident continued at the Yabuli Club Med (Mediterranean Club) resort. According to public information, after the Harbin Disease Prevention and Control Center tested, some of the Yabuli Club Med tourists were diagnosed with vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms such as Norovirus infection. At the same time, the management of the resort resulted in consumer dissatisfaction, and many consumers involved reported to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that as soon as New Year's Eve there were cases of food poisoning among residents. Some people burst into public places, but until the current outbreak of symptoms, the hotel took only passively limited measures, and after the incident, Yabuli Club Med did not immediately stop receiving new customers.

Source doubt

It is reported that a total of 42 self-reported symptomatic tourists were registered in Yabuli Club Med Resort, of which 8 went to Yabuli Town Center Health Center and Yabuli Lin District People's Hospital. The two were diagnosed as acute gastroenteritis. There are no hospitalized patients. Currently, according to the patient's clinical manifestations and the results of the laboratory study in the Harbin Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the patient has been identified as Norovirus infection. After timely treatment of medical personnel, the patient's condition is effectively controlled. The news, Club Med, was also confirmed in the latest update. In addition, some consumers said that after going to hospital with their own family, the doctor also said he was suspected of being infected with Norovirus.

According to the latest information from Wang, a consumer, to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, because some consumers who have been ill or finished their journey have left the resort in advance and are seeking medical care alone, they are not registered at the hotel or go to a local medical institution. According to statistics, there are more than 150 people suspected of food poisoning among residents involving more than 70 families.

According to public information, Norovirus infectious diarrhea is a self-limiting disease and there are no vaccines or drugs with special effects. The main infections are adults and school-age children, and the cold season is high.

Some consumers said that having determined that some patients were infected with Norovirus, the relevant person in Club Med said that the condition was not related to food poisoning and food hygiene, and it was uncertain that the virus came from the interior. In the briefing, Club Med also said that Yabuli Resort is working with local health authorities to focus on the cause of the virus outbreak through a series of studies, including independent water quality analysis, food testing and surface quality analysis.

However, Sun Hongtao, a lecturer at Fuwai Hospital, believes that Norovirus is a food-borne infectious disease. The large-scale collective mass infection that occurred this time is probably not caused by a tourist or guest because individual tourists' contact with food and ingredients is limited, and this event must be from the inside of the restaurant. At the same time, there are also a number of consumers involved who questioned Club Med's denial of the incident and food hygiene issues. They believe the resort's management after the disease responds to patients and incidents. .

The reaction Stroke

"After the widespread appearance of suspected food poisoning symptoms, vomiting occurred in restaurants, elevators, rooms, and even children's performance phases, but the cleaning staff did not disinfect and disinfect them except for simple wiping which causes extensive personal infections," Wang said. According to Club Med, the special disinfection measures for the rooms at the Yabuli Resort were performed after the guests checked out, and for dining and public areas, the resort undergoes several "rigorous" health and safety procedures.

In this regard, Sun Hongtao said that Norovirus is transmitted by mouth and stools, including vomiting in the vomit, and the virus can survive for a period of in vitro. In the case of this Club Med-like event, the operator must be the first. Time to start the emergency plan and perform targeted disinfection to avoid a larger communication area.

At the same time, Club Med has also been criticized for the emergency treatment after the disease. Ms. Wang clearly stated that the resort did not actively arrange the patients after the patients had similar symptoms and only informed the medical institutions as patients strongly requested them.

There are also consumers who said that the entire Yabuli Club Med Resort after the first symptoms of suspected food poisoning could not even find a doctor on guard, only the nurse was responsible for simple delivery work and the types of drugs were pretty scarce. It was not before noon on February 10 that at the request of the consumers concerned, a doctor was invited from the city's medical institution. "And although there are a large number of patients in the resort, Club Med's nursing has not had medical staff at work at night, and patients who did not improve late at night went to the hospital for infusion and had to call their own car. "

It is worth noting that some consumers told Beijing Business Daily that since New Year's Eve Club Med Resort had suspected food poisoning, the disease began to spread on February 9, and the hotel did not stop accepting new customers for the first time.

The management's vulnerability

"Based on Club Med's emergency treatment process, the company did not meet the standards and standards of an internationally known travel and holiday brand and may even lead to the expansion of virus transmission because it was not dealt with in time." China Tourism Research Wu Liyun, an associate researcher at the hospital, said that for any hotel or resort after a suspected food poisoning or viral infection occurred at the early stage, effective measures should be taken to treat medical treatment as soon as possible. disinfection and isolation for potential disease risks. For customers it is not excessive to take strict measures. This time, although the root cause of the virus is not the food in the city, Club Med is required to take responsibility for not taking timely and adequate measures to avoid the expansion of the disease.

In fact, the Beijing Business Daily reporter from the affected consumer learned that the Yabuli Club Med staff made it clear that the resort was a member of the club promoted by Club Med because of the holiday's half-season. ) are trainees and only hold the Yabuli project for six months. In contrast, Club Med's GO staff in Guilin and elsewhere will not use trainees to play the role and generally require an "expert" with 2-3 years of Club Med work experience. "It can be seen that the management of Yabuli Club Med is relatively loose, and there is no experience in dealing with emergencies in the event of an emergency." Some consumers said. In response, many consumers have suggested that their service experience at Yabuli Resort is not as good as other resorts.

Wu Liyun clearly said that adopting the standard of staff would lead to problems such as inadequate staff training and lack of professional quality in resort. This also exposes the management errors in Yabuli Club Med. "This situation can lead to illness. Initially, front-line employees did not have the level of attention they deserved, and then there was some delay and inefficiency in dealing with the incident." Wu Liyun said seasonal drivers are inclined to obtain attention and treatment of contingency responses. Save the card problem.

(Article source: Beijing Business Daily)

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