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2018-11-17 06:21:19 Source: Beijing Daily

The classic comedy character Kidney Bean returns again. Next Friday, the latest work on the Kidney Bean series "The Kidney Bean Agent 3" will land at the National Cinema, giving a hilarious story about the Special Agent to the audience.

In the movie, unscrupulous hackers use the Internet to reveal secret agents throughout Britain. To trace the evil forces, the government has returned to the Beanie agents, far from the digital era. However, he is ignorant of high tech products. During his mission, he created a series of events that made people laugh and laugh and often caused problems for the government. The movie's main line is luxurious, except that Rouen Akinson and the old partner Ben Miller, as well as the Oscar and Golden Globe award, returned Emma Thompson to the interpretation of the wise and elegant British female prime minister. There is also a "Bang Girl" Ou Jia Kure Lan Lan as a beautiful spy with Rovin Ekinson "love each other". The gold medalists Neil Purvis and Robert Weed, who once wrote the first two pieces of the "Bean Bean" series, came back together. David Cole, who won the best comedy show award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, is the director of the film.

The film focuses on a traditional agent in the digital world and features modern high-tech elements such as large data from the Internet, virtual reality and 3D printing. The appearance of comedian Rovin Akinson is another highlight of the film. His textbook-like plays again regain body comedy and expression to the top, giving the most classic joke and the most authentic British humor to the audience. .

(Article Source: Beijing Daily)

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