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Fang Zuming has paid money to help buy a luxury home? Wu Zhuolin said that he did not know at all – worry-free information

Fang Zuming, Wu Zhuolin

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According to Taiwan's media, martial arts star Jackie Chan reported 19 years ago, and Wu Xiaoli gave birth to "Little Dragon Girl" Wu Zhuolin, and Wu Yuli also said that Jackie Chan has never heard of mother and daughter, even alimony. But Wu Zhuolin's half-brother's brother-in-law's name was once heard of silent gold help. Wu Zhuolin responded to these rumors during his interview. He stated that he did not know the name Fang Zu or had seen it.

Wu Zhuolin recently married his girlfriend Andi in Canada, and her life has come to a new stage, she has also gained new status. She has recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong media to talk about the original family. She said that she has always looked at her father for money but that she can answer her heart. Question she will ask Jackie Chan: "Why is that why my mother? Have you discussed it?" I know I'm still young, but I need an answer. " But she has never met her father so far.

In addition to parents and wives, Wu Zhuolin is actually a half-brother's name and there have been rumors in the years that Fang Zuming had heard of his father's disproportionate relationship and had asked him to see Wu Zhuolin, trying to resolve the relationship between the two. The complainants, the brothers and sisters have met private individuals and once asked for Jackie Chans gold welfare, Wu Yuli, and even privately paid for father to help Wu Xili's mother and daughter buy a mansion in Tai Hang. To these news, Wu Zhuolin was interviewed. Also denied one by one.

Wu Zhuolin stated that, although she has a blood relationship with Fang Zuming, she feels the same as Jackie Chan. "I do not know you, I do not hate you, but I do not love you, I do not feel anything about him." When he knew about his existence, that's the case. "In addition to talking about changing Facebook's surname to" Zen, "she admitted that she would not be named" Chen "with her father, but that" Zen "means" Zen "in Chinese. You must calm down and do what you will do.

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