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"Green Monster Grinch" is a little strange because it's too lonely – Green is one, Beijing News, people can – Beijing News

2018-12-14 00:13:17 Source: Beijing News

Benedict Pan Yueming

The 8th Animated Movie "Green Monster Grinch" by Lighting Entertainment was released today. This animation company, created in 2007, has created a series of classic animation series of small and medium-sized costs, such as "Daddy Daddy", "Little Yellow Man", "Love Pet Secret". After the release of "Green Monster Grinch" in North America, the box office performance was very conspicuous, and was also shortlisted for 2019 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Films. Within the deadline, $ 75 million animation global ticket office has reached 320 million dollars. Beijing News interviewed the main creative and voice actor Pan Yueming, who revealed the film.


Nice adventure has been on the screen many times

"Green Monster Grinch" tells the cynical, grumpy green grotesque Greene plans to steal all Christmas presents from the city, but was finally infected with a young girl's festive spirit and finally celebrating the holiday with everyone. The story is adapted to the story of Theodore Gayso (also known as Dr. Seuss), published in 1957, in a short story of 69 pages, "Grinci steals Christmas". In Europe and America, it has become a well-known classic pudsside adventure that has gone down from generation to generation. .

"Green Monster Grinch" is the second time this story has been uploaded to the big screen in cartoon form. In 1966, Sousse approved the famous animated artist Chuck Jones to make "Christmas Geek" an animated movie. This movie is very faithful to the original and is still considered to be numerous and classic. Enter the annual Christmas program. In 2000, Universal Studios produced the movie "Disguised Geek" with Jim Carey, and the live version of "The Christmas Geek" directed by Long Howard won the Oscar for Best Makeup Award.

In 2018, the animated version of "Green Mobs Grinch" was directed by "The Secret of Pets" by Jonathan Cheney and "The Crazy Clerk" Director Scott Mosier. "The beauty of green monsters is that it's a little story," said Mosier. "We try to make the audience feel that this is a big and beautiful world in the animated scene, but the story itself is small. Warm." Finally, they decided to create around the heat of the heart. Grinch is a story of tolerance and love, is a little girl with kindness and warmth, softened a green "bad guy" who wants to steal the whole city of Christmas.


Forgiveness and redemption

Lighting entertainment founder Chris Meredon Derrick said that the investigation of Grinch's character has become the most important for the entire light entertainment team. "This character is always regarded as a bad person of people around him. But in our history In this, the character is self-confused and stands on the opposite side of the people and tries to steal the happiest time of the year, but at the end of history this will Person of course will be forgiven and redeemed. This forgiveness and redemption is our societal culture. Very important part, but sometimes we forget them. "

Love invented Grange to come up with some clever ways to simplify his life. For example, he has a whole body hair dryer that can make him become a very cute green hair ball. In addition, the creative team has become better from the picture book for the illustration of the special effects research, so the strange and sweet image of the green monster is deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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