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Jackie Chans 527 million net worthless "Little Dragon Girl" does not care | Morning Post

Jackie Chans 527 million net worthlessness, the English version of the new book, "I'm not growing, I'm old." I do not mention it. "Little Dragon Girl" Wu Zhuolin said she does not care.

Wu Zhuolin, a 19-year-old "Little Dragon Girl", is definitely a news person in 2018. She left the house last year and went home to go to Canada. Her mother Wu Xiaoli wanted to call for help. After Zhuo Lin had filmed her father, she suddenly returned to Hong Kong last month and announced his marriage to her boyfriend Andi. Her life experience is enough to write an autobiography!

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<figcaption>Zhuo Lin childhood was not happy. (Internet)</figcaption></figure>
<p>A few days ago, Wu Zhuolin accepted an interview with Hong Kong's "Apple Daily" and talked about his life for 19 years. He also admitted that almost all Chinese in the world know that she is an illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan and she has never seen a biological father. There are many mysteries in my heart. Can personally ask Jackie Chan.</p>
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Wu Zhuolin said, "Everybody knows that I am his daughter, but I have never seen him. In fact, he is not bad or bad in my eyes because I do not know him, I do not know that a person will not judge. know that when I was young, I talked about impulsivity, but this time I have a lot of psychological balance, I think people will do wrong things. Then you've made many mistakes, it's your life and not my life .

Did in a dragon daughter, Wu Zhuolin certainly said that she was under great pressure. She nodded hard and said, "That's right, so I was very unhappy before."

Recently, Jackie Chan launched the English version of the autobiography "I'm not grown and I'm old". There is no mention of her in the first half of the sentence. Even Chuan Chenglong has publicly informed that half of the family of 3 billion. Is given to wife Lin Fengjiao and Fang Zuming, and the other half is donated to charity. Wu Zhuolin is half-timed. There is no share.

When Wu Zhuolin was interviewed, he did not care. He said, "I did not think about getting anything from him. I do not mind I did not feel sorry. He said that some of the property was donated to charity. It's good, but maybe I think too much. Are your money donations? In what way? I really do not care. "

I would like to ask Jackie Chan: What happened?

If there is a chance to see Jackie Chan, Wu Zhuolin will ask him what happened?

In an exclusive interview, Wu Zhuolin mentioned that when Jackie Chan was a funny face, although he asked him if he had the chance to see Jackie Chan, what would she react to? She would not say, "I can ask him." Can you let me know what happened when I was a child? Why does my mother have it? Have you ever discussed that? Or have you talked to my mother in law? "I need an answer because I was just a baby at the time and did not know anything at all." "

So did she complain about her mother?

She could not help sighing: "Hi, teach children to move on from generation to generation … How does your mother treat you how do you marry your child, I know how my mother-in-law treats my mother so I blame never her. "

She honestly wanted to tie her relationship with her mother, but stressed that both sides should be more considerate.

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