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Original title: "King of New Comedy" E Jingwen Still not ready for popularity

"The King of New Comedy" still images

Character photography Guo Yanbing

Because of the legacy of the skeleton in the Northeast, E Jingwen said she's not a sweet girl, but she still hopes she can be beautiful. She often takes some selfies on Weibo and there is no difference between the girls who love beauty. "I've always waved with friends around me, you call me a little adventure."

E Jingwen's Weibo certification reads: "Actor, masterpiece" King of New Comedy "Before joining the film" The King of New Comedy ", E Jingwen did not have a decent representative work, most of them were some dragon people, village woman who The child in "Journey to the Volunteer", the foster mother in "Hypnosis Master" Finally, the film was cut off. Perhaps it is these experiences that have made her perfect for the young dream's "young dream" that has been running for many years in "The King of New Comedy "and eventually become" Star Girl ".

E Jingwen's self-implementation value cannot be compared to the former "Star Girl". "Xing Ye's play needs a little person, so he certainly won't pick an actor as a fairy tale or a goddess. He may need more grounding. A little bit." On the base gas, E Jingwen is actually better. Before the interview, the photographer took pictures of her. E Jingwen leaned on the wall. Hands did not know where to say. The photographer saw his caution. The coffee table chair on the side was placed in front of her, let her sit by chance, and E Jingwen, who took off her shoes and sat on the chair, immediately relaxed. "I am a professional in the sacrum."

After the release of "The King of New Comedy", E Jingwen, a "star girl", became famous overnight and was promoted from an ugly ankle to a white swan. In light of the upcoming popularity, E Jingwen said he was not prepared mentally. He felt he was before. I just hope that after the movie is released, I will have more opportunities. "I have no claim to the grade. If a director is willing to let me try it, I'm willing to try more."

Xingye handpicked her to participate in the new movie interview

Four years ago, E Jingwen received a call from an assistant director and invited her to attend the movie "Xiyou · Fu Yao" produced by Stephen Chow. Despite being a big night program, E Jingwen immediately confirmed that the sign "has a line" and immediately agreed. As a result, she discovered that the character had no line at all. "I still want to keep a child and stay there for six great nights." I felt the deceived E Jingwen was very angry and drew Assistant Director WeChat. Black, no contact for several years.

In September 2018, the deputy director, who deceives E Jingwen, called her and said there was some misunderstanding. Now he is assistant director of Stephen Chow's new movie and wants to invite E Jingwen to try the game. The last time I was cheated, the gas has not been exhausted. E Jingwen returned with a sentence: "Forget it, not necessary", then pick up the phone. After a while, the second call came. The other party said the selection was the heroine and there were many lines. E Jingwen listened even more disbelievingly: "How can the heroine heroine of the star turn to me, let me go and fill it, do not go." After a couple of hours came the third call, the other party took this time. The beggar's tone: "I invite you to the stars and ask if you intend to travel to Hong Kong for an interview." After confirming Zhou Xingchi's intention, E Jingwen promised to fly to Hong Kong for an interview. It turned out that Zhou Xingchi saw the essays of E Jing's performances and felt that her performance was in line with the role, so the deputy director asked her to come to the interview.

Because "axis" becomes "star girl"

On the day of the interview, Stephen Chow made the actors perform neuropathy, old ladies and sexy women. The next day, E Jingwen went through Hong Kong to Shenzhen and planned to return to Beijing. At this time she received a call from the staff, let her stay another day and then interview again. However, Jingwen had no way to go to Hong Kong at that time. The other party said that Xingye could travel to Shenzhen to interview her alone. The contents of the second interview resembled the first, but the difficulty was upgraded.

Even now, E Jingwen doesn't know why Stephen Chow chooses her to be her heroine, but she listened to the staff and said Zhou Xingchi is interested in her performance and earnestness, much like the role of the play. E Jingwen has a habit of knowing the role and then performing. At the interview, she asked Zhou Xingchi: "What kind of situation do you want me to play specifically?" Maybe she asked questions about the details. The director believes that this is very much like "a dream" and is a very axis person.

In the film there is a part of the Ejing Wen bubble that plays the floating body in the water. The whole process cannot be moved. When the director shouted "cut," the actor could have been heated. But E Jingwen didn't want everyone to feel that he was very delicate and he kept biting his teeth in the water. That night, she soaked in the water for 40 minutes. After the film she was frozen and had no strength to go ashore. "The staff took me as a salvage."

Excavation of comedy talent on stage of drama

E Jingwen graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama and accepted traditional performance education. Besides the fact that classmates about her evaluation of her life are very fun, everyone's "pistachio", E Jingwen did not find that he has any comedy talent, do not know he can also play comedy. "Chinese opera does not cultivate comedy talent, There is also no class to teach you to play comedy."

Experience your own comedy talent, still on the scene of the drama. After graduation, the vein recommended that Ejing Wen began to play the drama. Inadvertently, there were some comedy characters to find her. She finished and the audience responded very well. Other comedy characters came together. Slowly, E Jingwen found that "I still have this talent."

As a female comedian, E Jingwen feels that there are too few opportunities for women in this industry, and many of them are mostly male. E Jingwen's comedy always captures the audience's eye. She is sprayed with a blow on her face and her head on stage. She is always on stage and has no scrub around the picture. In 2014, Ejing Wen won the annual championship in the comedy show "I am a comedy". In 2016 she participated in the comedy show "Swordsman", which was recognized by the judge Song Dandan and was accepted as a disciplinary.

Cosplay arrow flutter

In "The King of New Comedy" there is a tribute to "The King of Comedy", the classic bridge section of Zhou Xingchi, screaming "I Raise You" and even the lines of clothing are the same. When E Jingwen knew he was going to shoot this scene, the actor who played the opponent's game said, "How can this section be? We're just looking for death." Before the shot re-reads the original version again. "But how to see it can't make their two state in the brain of everyone." E Jingwen asked Zhou Xingchi if he really wants to copy that piece, will it be crushed? Got a dog bloody? Zhou Xingchi shot, "It doesn't matter, at least you'll be embarrassed."


Before May 2018, Ejing Wen was also called Ebo. When she was named, Mama hoped she would become a doctor. However, this name did many jokes. Once she went to CCTV to record the program, the door could not enter in a random way, and an employee was required to retrieve it. The other party sent a message to Ebo and said somebody has come out to pick you up, wait a moment. Ebo waited outside for a long time and saw no one. He called and contacted the other party and said people had already gone out. Later I learned that the reception staff saw that "Ebo" thought it was a man and he had been waiting for a man outside. Later, the name also changed because "Ebo" is too neutral. (Teng Chao)

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