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Li Shaohong will put Yan Ge's novel "Mother is a city" on the screen

Market Information Network 2019-03-18 11:49:15 Source: People's Network Comments:

In the 13th year of the film circle, the fifth generation of female director Li Shaohong again fought on the big screen. The new work "Mother is a city" is adapted from Yan Gelling's novel by the same name, which won the excellent novels of People's Literature Award. The lead role includes Bai Baihe, Huang Jue, Wu Gang, Yan Le, Liu Jialing, Zeng Zhiwei and others. The film tells the story of a woman's love and hatred in Macau and three men in the casino who will be released in China this year.

In the pilot, Huang Jue plays the outstanding artist Shi Qiwei, Wu Gang plays the famous entrepreneur Duan Kaiwen, and Yan Le plays a small character Lu Jintong, who are all willing to become gamblers. In this bounty, Mei Baiou, played by Bai Baihe, makes a "stacking" for living – look for gamblers, encourage gamblers to go to the casino to gamble and get commissions from them. She walked between men and casinos who lived a debt day and debt collection. This time, Bai Baihe changed the image of the fresh screen in the past, and the fear between the eyebrows was deep and hidden, challenging to interpret a hard woman who was displaced in love and life. (Yuan Yuner)

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