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Li Zonghan, I have no facelift, and I have no idols.


The foam and the undercover are trying to get rid of the mark "The first little student in the Republic of China", they are not red, and they refused to play "Mr. Love".

Li Zonghan, I have no facelift, and I have no idols.

When not filming, Li Zonghan may like fitness the most.

Direct speech is the most intuitive sense of contact with Li Zonghan. "I don't have red." "There is no power." "It's even worse." Every time you ask a question, you can't find a guest in his answer. excursions. As he said, many people always feel that this person is not very easy to get along with when they first meet. When they are long, they will find that he is actually "two".

The TV series "Pentium Years" with Li Zonghan and "Deep After The Special Forces Enemy" is just closed. From the early years of "Ding Jiangshan" to the hot movie "I'm not Pan Jinlian" and the television series "Mr. Love", he said he has tried to remove the "Republic of China" hat for the first niche.

1 The overall girl's name was changed to Li Zonghan.

Li Zonghan, formerly known as Li Li, is the "strength" of strength. Because the word "力" corresponds to ", 丽, 俪", from small to large, almost every time you go to school, the same class has female students of the same name. Therefore, Li Zonghan grew up and was called "Li Li (man)". Later, Li Zonghan, who was also called Li Li, was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy. His mother took him to change his name – Li Zonghan started from that time.

It may also be the relationship between the name, or it may be the relationship between Li Zonghan's own appearance and temperament. Even now, many people still believe he is an actor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Li Zonghan once called on his Weibo "I'm not an actor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I don't need to request approval when I play." (Note: If the crew uses Hong Kong and Taiwan actors, they must apply for separate approval.)

Li Zonghan's mother is from Shanghai, his father is from Beijing, his parents are busy with opera, and they are also attached to the opera. He grew up in the Beijing Opera Troupe. "The first floor of our home is the rehearsal hall. It is common to see a movie." Because of the eyebrows, at the age of 6, the troupe "The Beautiful Case", the little actor who appeared in the daughter of Qin Xianglian, had something to come to, the staff of the squad and the parents of Li Zonghan. After consulting, he decided to replace him temporarily.

"The director told me that this aunt played her mother, you can follow her, and there is no line. To put it all in, it's an ongoing dragon." This experience in the small world of Li Zonghan buried the seeds of zeal. He took his mother to give him a drama class at the Palace of Culture, and also went to participate in the competition and selection of the drama boy's star. "As a result, when I got on stage, I was nervous. All the vowels were forgotten. My mother thought it was too shameful."

Later, Li Zonghan's father went to the local film and television production center as a photographer. It coincided with the TV station's filming of a children's public welfare science film. The filmmaker saw that Li Zonghan was so good and smart and said he would let him come. "I still remember that it was a short film with four or five episodes," Why is Lili's stomach injured? ", Primarily to tell the children to eat less popsicles."

2 The drama coal is the troop leader.

In 1985, the television series "Zhuge Liang" was recorded in Hubei. At that time, the crew had a young boy playing Zhuge Liang's son. "At that time I went to courtyards in various art groups to find small actors. They heard that Li Li had a short film in our school and found me."

The deputy director went to see Sun Guangming with Li Zonghan. The director found out that Li Zonghan and the actor Li Fa, who played Zhuge Liang, were a bit alike. "At that time, I followed the director to the crew. They told me that Li Fa Zeng was my father. I have to die. At the time of my death I must cry, unfortunately." With experience shooting before, Li Zonghan is very sophisticated. "Although I have never learned to do, but cry, I cried."

This game made Li Zonghan, who is still in primary school, a celebrity in Wuhan. "Many interviews with Li Fazen were taken and the journal was taken." But the movie was finished.

Until the first day of the first day, the Chinese Opera Academy was affiliated with Wuhan to enroll students. Neighbors and friends suggested that Li Zonghan try it. As a result, he was accepted as the first in the country. "I am the leader of the squad, Yuan Quan is the deputy leader." This is the first time Li Zonghan left home. Although he has an excellent academic performance, he still cannot adapt to the school's hard life. "We have 16 people in dormitory, the toilet is particularly dirty, I often do not go."

After insisting for two months, Li Zonghan discussed with his parents and decided to get out of school and return to Wuhan to continue his high school. Although the opera school did not insist on reading, but this experience was a year later, Li Zonghan's study of Beijing Dance Academy laid the ground. "The Opera Academy and the Dance Academy are very close. When they go to Taoranting Park, they feel that the dance academy's brothers and sisters are both princes and princesses. Every day they come out with a beautiful character."

3 High salary employed in the dance group, but difficult to become C

In the second year after Li Zonghan returned to Wuhan to continue his studies, Beijing Dance Academy enrolled students in Wuhan and immediately joined. "When I received the acceptance letter, my mother hit home. In fact, my parents did not support me in testing the dance school at the beginning and said that this time I have to think about it. If I go, I can't get out of school."

Dance needs to see innate relationships and talents. Li Zonghan still feels that he should be mistakenly recruited in the ballet subject. "I danced very well in the national dance. We can teach someone bigger no matter what profession. At that time I always stood in the middle, but when I got to the ballet it was not C. When I danced, I could basically see in school The development later. The prince would be one, and I could not jump when I was in school. Then it must be a group dance, it should not come. "

But he still trusts to be one of them. "Our school has a vest with" Beijing Dance Academy ". I used to carry it everywhere. After I finished my training in the summer, I was reluctant to change it."

After graduation, Li Zonghan's class group was awarded the Guangzhou Ballet. "Guangzhou was the stage of strong development in the early reform and opening days. Guangzhou Ballet was just established. We are a high-paid distribution. The monthly salary is 5,000. It's not bad." After being awarded, Li Zonghan returned to the Beijing Dance Academy for a year of paid employment. He returned to Guangzhou and was a little unhappy. "Because it's not ambition, the look looks glamorous, but I know I've reached the end in the ballet area."

Just happened, from the train back to Guangzhou from Beijing, Li Zonghan met a friend. During the chat, he learned that the other party was Deputy Director of Zhujiang Film Studio. The other party looked at Li Zonghan's beautiful appearance and left the contact information. "He asked me for BP at that time. Machine number, I got it, I left him, let me go back and call him."

4 Xu Fan Tao Hong persuaded that over the age was admitted to the Chinese opera

It was through this assistant director that Li Zonghan began to advertise. "The first time I shot was an acne ad, Dong Jie was the main character in front. We were all in the back of the group. At that time, she was very famous in the advertising circle and I felt like having such a good girl." The cost of taking an ad was 500, and then it rose to 800. "It takes a day to shoot. I take three days with the dance group. Draw 40 yuan for a day. I'll be in the dorm for two days and earn 680. "

In the process of advertising, a makeup artist introduced Li Zonghan to the crew as a group performance, making Li Zonghan find a new goal in life. "At that time, everyone commented very much on me because the average dancer is easy to shoot, and everyone said I am completely natural."

Subsequently, Li Zonghan was selected to watch the television series "The Story of Hong Kong". Tao Hong, who appeared together, suggested that Li Zonghan apply for a professional college. "She said: Your relationships are so good. On the contrary, the space here is too small. You have to go to the Central Academy of Drama." Li Zonghan's mother also consulted Xu Fan for this. "They knew very early. At that time, Xu Fan was already a pillar of Beijing humanity, she said that I am in good condition and can try. "

When Li Zonghan went to the Chinese opera, he was over age and could only report to the high school. He said this is the fate of the event because the teachers of this junior college class are the Chinese opera professors who are retiring, let him stay at university. Autumn is quite rich.

5 "The first little student in the Republic of China" claimed to be a red man

Li Zonghan ended the year the school has not been awarded, but he has played from the junior year, he can earn his own teaching. During the rehearsal of the candidate drama, a school bag by Li Zonghan was stolen. "The area has been stunned for a few years and I contacted all assistant directors. I sat at the drama school's door and cried for an hour. I feel my future is gone. I started to get a high fever and burnt in three I went to Longfu Hospital to get a drip. I met a Haizheng Deputy Generator, he asked me which one and they said they had a game called "Choppy" to find an actor. "A few days later, Li Zonghan I went to the mirror and was chosen as the leading actor. "Just graduation without a place to go, I went to Sanya for movies, went to 2000 yuan, the cost of living, renting a house has money."

Later, Li Zonghan took pictures of "One Foot Ding Jiangshan", "Wu Tong Yu", "Spring to Spring and Back", "Heaven and Earth have love" and many other hit dramas, and won the title "The First Little Student in the Republic China".

He said he actually wanted to take off his hat and made a lot of bets and trials, including Wu Yong in "New Water Margin" and "Jian Yu" produced by Wu Yusen. "The first is the drama of action, so many people I was shocked, the crew gave me three substitutions, I went to the stage to do some stretching. The martial art bus immediately knocked off the avatars. Tell me: You can right? So on the drama they are too I saw my maturity. "

Then Li Zonghan returned to start fashion shoots. "But the drama is not red."

In 2015, Li Zonghan took the initiative to shoot the TV series "Mystery Sand". "I know there is such an undercover character I want to play." Li Zonghan was never so embarrassed to wait for a game. "Mystery Sand" is the only one. I think I'm more than 30, I want to change, I can't play a niche. When I know I can play this role, I am very excited. I am very dark and eat a lot of fat. The display will be broadcast later. I don't care more, I don't care that everyone ultimately recognized my change. "

6 has refused to play "Mr. Love" because he does not want to play foam man

The movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" plays Li Xuelian's former husband Qin Yuhe, a sign that Li Zonghan has reminded in recent years. "I have known Xiaogang director for so many years. He never thought of looking for me to act." After the film was released, friends who did not contact him throughout the year sent a message to Li Zonghan and said it was so good that everyone didn't expect Li Zonghan to put the idol bag down and make your face "dirty". "I have never actually had an idol, I don't know why many people have always been impressed by me. I always want to prove this."

Due to "I am not Pan Jinlian", the television series "Mr. Love" found Li Zonghan in preparation. "I initially refused. I tried a batsman in the movie, but then it was a scum man. I didn't want to play. Producer Zhang Weiwei looked at me two or three times. He said: We think you are a very good actor and we feel that this character is not just a foam, perhaps your interpretation may change everyone's opinion about him. "

Ultimately, Li Zonghan still promised. He felt that he rarely showed the elite temperament of the white neck in his works, so the styling was also made by him. "I took my custom made suits in the UK."

After the release of "Mr. Love", Li Zonghan most commented on Weibo. Where have you been in the last couple of years? After the film "Mystery Sand" was filmed, Li Zonghan cared for his father in the intensive care unit. It's more than two years. "In the middle I took a picture of" I'm not Pan Jinlian "because there aren't many games." Mystery Sand "sends the last episode my father goes and the broadcast is also very general so it can give me a feeling that I have disappeared for a long time."

7 "I don't go well together", he is sometimes very "two"

Today, Li Zonghan only accepts one or two players a year. "I feel a little more when I get the third one. I actually went back to the movie and it's been non-stop. I think it's more useful to keep the actor." Li Zonghan said, in fact, he has no love for this industry, just love the actor's profession. "In the past, everyone was also an actor, now called the stars and entertainers. Everyone has a partial picture of the actors. For example, we are all plastic, we are not good at acting, we all take a lot of money. I know a group of actors like me have acted seriously. "

Li Zonghan never hides his face. For example, if he has a game, he says, "I'm not a floating artist. Why are you looking for me?" He will also speak directly to others: "I'm not red!" Even with passers-by "quarrel", "I went to work a few days ago. After a girl saw me, she shouted: You're the bad guy! Then I'll look back at her: How can I be broken!"

Li Zonghan, who has an equal temperament, always gives people a feeling that they are not doing well together. Every time they just enter the group, they dare not talk to him. When they get in touch, many people find that "you're pretty good".

For the face lift, Li Zonghan's answer is also very direct. "I have nothing to avoid, I am not overridden. I have always been like this. I insist on fitness, sweat is similar to detoxification, and when I have time, I will replenish my skin and I don't. Drink alcohol, no smoking, staying late, I slept at 11 am "

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