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Original title: Liverpool continues to win

Salah (middle) has set a new record.

Sing Tao Global Network News: Entering the end of the year, the Premier League will start a four-day intensive event in 13 days. Yesterday (22nd), the leader, Liverpool, took the lead in the match. As a result, they easily beat Wolves 2-0, and the New Year champion comes closer.

"Egyptian Pharaoh" Salah continued to contribute to Liverpool after the recovery, which helps the team continue to lead the unbeaten record. In this round, he contributed a piece of data, which made Wolves another Premier League team that was attacked by the goal. Since joining Liverpool, Salah has faced 22 Premier League teams, and 20 of them have been attacked by the goal. Only Manchester United and Swansea have survived. Wolves has become the 32nd British team defeated by various events when coach Klopp trained Liverpool. In January 2017, Klopp trained Liverpool and was eliminated by the Wolves in the FA Cup. This game is also considered a "rescue". Of course, when Klopp took the "Red Army", the German teams that met the 27 teams met the 27 battles in the Grand Slam.

Liverpool scored 48 points after the end of 18. round. In Premier League history, only Chelsea (49 points) in the 2005/2006 season and Manchester City (52 points) last season have better performances than Liverpool. At the same time, Liverpool has won 25 leagues in the 2018 Nature Year, which tied the best in history. At the same time, they also reached 10 consecutive teams undefeated (8 wins and 2 moves), which also tied their best team history from October 1991 to February 1992.

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